Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Two Random Things On Your Desk Right Now

Meme: Two Random Things On Your Desk Right Now


lifeofbk: Icy Hot (gel), Craisins

somethingmeaningful: Yoda Pez Dispenser, Altoid Case with bobby pins in it.

superdoofus-stratodrive: state of montana fishing license, space madness ren hoek statuette

Me: Hannah Montana bobblehead, Caroline McCarthy

Nintendo DS Tiny piece of paper containing Mega Man codes.

Las Vegas hooker cards, Totoro soft toy

ACTUALLY, as I haven't properly gotten 'round to unpacking/putting everything away yet, there's a lot of random crap around. Full list:

Plastic 'Treasure Island' Pina Colada mug in the shape of a human skull
'Wake up to milk' mug
Bank statements and phone bill (£100!)
Fake Louis Vuitton wallet from Toronto's Chinatown ($7!)
A cheesecake
Some birthday cards
3 cheques from family for my birthday
sweets wrappers that I keep meaning to send my friend Charlie
Various sanrio things from the LA sanrio store in Japantown that I got in the $30 mysterybag
Newspaper article about 'molly the amazing 3 legged horse' which I keep meaning to send to Molly
2 foot roll of NFL stickers
A chocolate rose
Some seeds
The House of Commons logo cut out of a letter from the House of Commons from when I wrote to my MP
A yellow frog eraser
Little Twin Stars drinks coasters
A DVD of 'Dead Anyway', a film by a friend of a friend which I haven't watched yet
My polar bear 'Sigg' waterbottle
Hello Kitty desktop hoover
Dinosaur hologram ruler


--N-- said...

And so, the meme migrates from tumblr to blogger.
Ever read kittyhell.com per chance?

httprover2 said...

Two random items on my desk right now:
1) A pair of Real D 3D glasses from Journey to the Center of the Earth
2) Unopened UPS package containing a DVD which arrived over a week ago. (I'm not in the mood to watch it right now.)

NusaCat said...

Swiss army knife (functional aluminum model, not one of those huge multitool monsters with plastic sides). I carried it around in my pocket for 10 years before 911. Got out of the habit when I couldn't carry it on planes anymore.

Roll of duct tape.

And 100+ other items, from USB SD-card adapters to Chinese linking rings (magic trick). My workspace is a dining room table with 3 of the 5 leaves in it...plenty of room for junk.

..:.. said...

1) half eaten pear

2) soldering iron

WildbillthePirate said...

-12 inch poseable figure model in the tai chi position of "waving hands like clouds"

copper sheet bended into a box shape and filled with: pens,thumb drives, bluetooth headset(s).change and led penlight(s)

the stranger said...

All sorts of things on my desk. None random. All have a place in the desk dimension.

Wandered over from Youtube. Love at first sight! ;)

Maddy said...

Two random things on my desk...
1) A Miles Davis Cd
2) A wooden letter opener
Very random!

Isabelle (Bel) said...

really really weird... I dreamt you were owner of a market in a small town we lived in. It(the market) was called B. (don't ask me why) and I went to talk to you as if we were the closest friend!
Oh gosh, you may be thinking Who's that freak? hahahha I dreamd with everything, seriously, it was high time YOU appeared. ahhaha