Friday, September 05, 2008

Spring Cleaning

I usually get a hankering, after the summers' fun is over, to spring clean. To declutter and get rid of a lot of old crap. I think it's the encroaching winter and the return to normal life, and wanting to make normal life be different to how it was before, if only by way of having different colour walls, or just less crap everywhere.

I desperately want to move out, and get rid of things- there is too much in my room, which contains my whole life. Lots of things that, were I not living at home with my parents and brother, would be elsewhere than my bedroom.

Part of this, this year, is decluttering my online life- I might delete some people off of Adium (if I could figure out how!) that I rarely speak to, maybe get rid of some accounts on some sites. I want to be streamlined and all that.

Though... this is all just procrastination.


Mike Kenny said...

i actually just moved a few days ago from one apartment to another. i got rid of a lot of stuff. the nice thing is what you keep you really like, and it's not hidden among the clutter anymore. you see what's more or less essential in your tastes after the move by what you keep.

pearly said...

This has nothing to do with the blog, BUT I saw your recent video and... I´m so jealous that you saw Radiohead live that I´m actually considering never watching your videos again.

Not fair.. I wanna see them live too!

httprover2 said...

Looks like you have fallen a bit behind on your reading list. I think we'll all understand if we don't hear from you right away. And please check my blog if you can spare a few moments.

David Sickmiller said...

Just add a couple feeds with many updates each day, e.g. Yahoo News, TechCrunch, TravelPod, etc. Once Google Reader starts showing "1000+" as the number of unread articles, that nagging desire to catch up will be sapped entirely. :-)