Wednesday, September 24, 2008


I read this post on Molly's blog, which inspired me to write my own list of stuff I want to do/achieve in the next little while/year or so.

  • travel around Europe by train
  • go to Russia
  • move out of my parent's house
  • work on some art projects, with no goal in sight
  • lose some of my america weight
  • paint
  • finish the Z film and never speak of Z's again
  • watch the 2nd season of Mad Men, Heroes, some Lost and the new CSI season 9
  • blog more
  • draw more
  • write to my friends more
  • eat more fruit
  • go to Japan
  • make things to sell
  • stop procrastinating


Jo said...

finish the Z film and never speak of Z's again

With all due respect, you should never have undertaken it at all if there was any chance of that happening! It's the passion for the subject that carries you through the shitstorm.

NusaCat said...

I need to lose more America weight than you do!

I've been across Russia by train...only thing is I was too young at the time (about 5 or 6) to appreciate what I was seeing.

Japan I remember quite well as I was there for an entire year when I was 16.

Jennfabulous said...

and *cough* come to NOLA and drink some abita amber with us (local brew). ;)

Maddy said...

'stop procrastinating'
Ugh, don't we all!

WildbillthePirate said...

Moving out, travelling, making stuff to sell, all are do-able but eating more fruit- like that can be done Right Now!

Isabelle (Bel) said...

bryony, do you still have your notes from highschool?
I'm making a research (personal one, about England's schools and colleges, and I would like to see some materials.
Hm.. if you send me by mail, would it be very expensive? I live in Brazil... if it is too expensive, you could just send e some papers of some subjects.
You are the only person from England that I "know".
okay, answer me back ASAP.
thank you

Isabelle (Bel) said...

oh, and I pay, by the way

jadedconformist said...

Hey, Bri (is it?)

The quickest route to losing your American weight is simply to purge it. (Disclaimer: Kids, don't purge your food.)

Eshniner Forest said...

You should sell all the stuff / gifts that folks send to you. haha!