Friday, August 15, 2008

Trip: Toronto, Ottowa, Montreal

Ok! So I finally have the golden combo of some free time and internet access!
I left England on the 6th August and flew to Philadelphia on US Airways (mmm budget!) with my brother. The stupid-ass US immigration bullshit took forever (and was totally pointless as we were never going anywhere except right back into check in to fly to Canada). We missed our connecting flight, and I almost cried. We hung out in Philadelphia airport, I bought a pencil, then we caught our flight to Toronto.




on the plane I watched 'PS, I Love You', and a bit of 'Definitely Maybe'. I like watching chick flicks on planes. Shh :P

Once there, Calli (theslyestfox) and her friend (who's name I have alas forgotten :/) picked us up and we drove to this out of the way 'sketchy' area of Toronto, where the apartment we'd rented was. We slept.

Over the next few days, Molly (mememolly), Laura (lovelyleiona), Tom (frezned), ryan (ryleycyrus / Poykpac), Brad (bradofarrell) and Molly's riend Chris hung out/stayed at the house. We went to the 888 and 898 gathering events, which were surreal but far more comfortable than last year, for me atleast. I was much happier this time around.






We went up the CN tower. It cost $20 and wasn't really worth it. The city sure looks pretty at night though.


The beer and liquor is only sold by shops called LCBO, which rather surreally for someone from the UK ONLY sell alcohol. No mixers, snacks or icecream, just beer and spirits and wine. It was strange.
One of the nights we bought a load of beer and drinks and took them home in a cab. The beer was dubbed Gregory by Chris and we strapped it in the car for safety. Unfortunately it didn't get finished and over half was left in the fridge when we left. :(

These are my bro's new jeans.

On one of our many treks to a vegan restaurant (thankyou Calli :P) we came across this sign and all laughed at how it was kind of like a poster for a fight between Crab and Lobster and that whichever loses is what is on the menu.

After a lovely week of many games of Kings, lots of drinking and lots of walking around and sleeping late, Alan and I moved on- we caught a train to Ottowa- home of the Canadian Government and of Molly, where we stayed for two nights at her lovely house. Molly and I made a video which I have yet to edit- hopefully it will be tres amusant. Ottowa is nice but also somewhat stagnant seeming- its all artificial seeming I think- I can't put my finger on it. It feels like it was all built very recently which leaves it seeming a little soulless. It was pleasant though, and it was nice seeing where Molly lives. We saw a shooting star one night! And we went out drinking and doing a trivia quiz with Laura one evening.

We left there and came to Montreal yesterday. This is a very odd town. It is like a piece of france broke off and floated across the sea and stuck to the americas. It's clean and canadian in it's efficient cleanliness but french in it's language and attitude... maybe I am prejudiced against the french, being English and all, but I just don't really get it. Also the inhabitants seem to be just the most random misfits. I get the feeling that we've not actually hit on the areas that are actuaally full of life yet. Atleast I hope so. We are going to Visiblemode's wedding soon!!

And with that, I need to do a bunch of stuff- my free time has come to an end! I hope to update this more frequently as the trip progresses, but we'll see how it goes!


NusaCat said...

Glad you're having fun!

And now your brother can honestly say that Calli got into his pants.

Chelsea said...

come back to Philadelphia pleeease. :D
glad to see you had fun, and I dunno if you remember but it was really nice chatting on the phone! :D

disneykid1 said...

bryony! it was really cool to hang out with you even if it wasn't very much or we didn't get to talk much. i'm glad it was at least better than last gathering.

Louis Jacques said...

It's OttAwa, not Ottowa !! Weird city indeed. The government has a big budget to make this city look good, that's maybe why it's look so artificial.

Montreal is one of the most english speaking city in Quebec (province of the french people in America abandonned by France few centuries ago). They are about seven millions living in french, not caring about the rest of Canada (it's reciprocal), not giving a fuck about France. Few of them also hunt English-Canadian and other english-speaking humanoid for breakfast. Glad you made it.


Kara said...

Looks like you're having an awesome time! I'm jealous :)

crazy-gabrielle said...

Hehe. Yeah well, it's a whole provinceseventimesbiggerthanfrance piece of France, actually. :) It's exactly the same as the US versus the UK. And trust me, we are VERY different from the French, especially in Montreal. You should see Quebec City. Now THAT is a tiny piece of France. :P I would love to hear of the random misfits. Those I am not surprised by. :P

JustJordan said...

Ooooh, that souds like fun. I don 't have enough youtube friends to do that. Everyone hates me! Haha, I'm glad you had fun.

Eshniner Forest said...

thats a good pic of you and your bro.

Canadian Monkey said...

Ottawa does have that sort of soulless feel. The life of the city is in who you get to know and what you do. So in essence, Ottawa's worth is in the opportunity it offers. LCBO stands for Liquor Control Board of Ontario. Beer can also be purchased at The Beer Store, which is a chain of certified beer merchant stores that, not surprisingly, sell only beer. In Quebec you can get low-alcohol beverages at corner stores, not just SAQ (Société des alcools du Québec), but spirits are only sold at SAQ.

As stated by another commenter, Quebec City is considered the uber-French city in Quebec, though I've never been there.

I'm glad you had a good time. You're welcome back anytime!