Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Social networking aggregator?

Does such a thing exist?
I would love something which took my myspace, twitter, youtube, flickr, bebo... and everything else, and put it all in one place for me, where I could use all the features of the individual things without having to dick around and log into each one individually. Moreover! I would like to be able to automate things on them too! like adding all the people who ask to be added on myspace, for instance, and none on Facebook.

Does it exist? Are there any of these kinds of things out there which don't suck ass?

I just found this handy looking list. I'm gonna check some of them out. But does anyone use any of these? What have you found to be the best?


Brad O'Farrell said...

Yeah it's called Friend Feed.

Brandt said...

I would say the closest you could get right now is something like NetNewsWire Lite. Not that it would allow you to make use of all the sites at once, but it is the best thick client RSS Aggregator I've seen so far (and it's only available for Mac).

Anonymous said...

well with the myspace crap, you can select an auto add feature on some page, i dont know exactly where.

hmm. I'm not too helpful.

ah well, that's what you get when i'm half asleep.