Tuesday, August 19, 2008


Montreal is French speaking. I know it's a social stereotype that french people are snooty and smug and generally kind of douchey, but here, the stereotype rings true.

As opposed to the warmth of the people I met, both strangers and friends, in Ottowa and Toronto, it is a cold, mean, snooty asshole of a place.

And I have been to france!!! And the people IN France are your fucking grandmother compared to the people here!
I feel kind of bad because the two friends of mine who's wedding I came here to go to both live here, as do a bunch of their family I imagine, but, aside from the lovely folk I met at their (awesome) wedding, every person I've met has been surly, sourfaced or downright rude.

I hate all the fucking random students begging on the streets! The random freakshow misfits EVERYWHERE! I hate the stupid bullshit 5 different taxes that are added onto anything you buy. I hate the fucking french assholes everywhere you go! And it's not like I just arbitrarily came up with this dislike- it's a reaction to everyone elses' rude, horrible attitude to us 'scumbag' English. Well fuck you, Montreal- fuck your stupid wannabe french bullshit. You'll never be REAL France- you're a forgotten part of Canada and Europe would never have you!!



Eshniner Forest said...

Triumph The Insult Comic Dog went to Quebec. Very Funny.


Anonymous said...

omg!.. this is how I felt when I was studying in Paris, France. People we're so rude at first but once you slowly start talking to them they kinda change. Others are not even close to approachable but I learned to ignore them and treat them the same!! I'm surprised it's like that in Montreal. oh well.. i guess u have to learn to ignore it.

httprover said...

The Québécois are extremely provincial in their thinking. They tend to be conservative and do not care much for change. They would put the province above the nation. And what gives them the right to impose their culture on others?

My Dad had an army buddy who lived in Quebec but south of the St. Lawrence River. You might find more English people there.

I get the impression you do not blend in well.

@ /\/\ ! R said...

So you should see Quebec :)) I was leaving there for 2 years and you could not believe the things I saw. Imagine that there was a big thunderstorm and the roof of our building collapsed, so we ran out of our apartment to go down and also knocked the door of the neighbor. She opened the door and I told her (in french) to get out, she asked me why and I told her that the whole roof is coming down (well in English with pantomime for her to understand). Then she started rudely questioning me that how dare I am leaving in Quebec without knowing French, while I was trying to save her! This is other than the nine 1 one call that I made for the same incident and they could not talk English!!

httprover said...

Bryony, you might want to check out Montreal West. Anglophones make up 66% of the population there.

SuperJV said...

what you're running into here is some good ol Canadian- Quebéc-Montreal language politics too. i.e. English speakers are resented in the french speaking parts of Montreal.

There was a time when Montreal was one of the great cities of Canada. This is a long time ago now :(

Ay said...

I live in Quebec City, about three hours away from Montreal and even I fucking hate that city, cause people are just plain weird and everything is brown and ugly.

But I really don't get where you get your "French-wannabe". Trust me, this province doesn't give a CRAP about France or the rest of Canada. Really. But yeah, some people are uneasy to English (the language) because of all the history and us being the only French-speaking province, people became rather protective and kinda possessive about French.

Next time, come to Quebec. I promise, people here are very normal, most of us anyway.

@ /\/\ ! R : lol, I get your point, but why would you expect the 911 people to speak English ?! It's not the speaking language, it's just that simple. Would you expect the 911 operators in Toronto or whatever to speak French? Yeah, don't think so ;)

JustJordan said...

Hahah, when my mom went to Montreal she said everyone was mean. I can see why they'd be mean to her though, because she can't even say merci properly.
But when I went to France, I thought the French people were really nice, at least to me. I said bonjour, madame or monsieur when i walked in, and they said it right back happily.

Nunya said...

try being an American... anywhere.

Anonymous said...

Hi Bryony, I'm sorry to read that you're not enjoying your experience in Montreal.

I'm a bit surprised you've run into so many rude and unpleasant people.

I'm from Ottawa so I have had the displeasure of meeting quite a few quebecois hicks.

Quebec does seem to have some really obnoxious and ignorant people, there's an asshole gene that's spread amongst many of the thick inbreeds! But they make up a small percentage of the city's population.

Try going to Sainte-Catherine Street. It's definitely more "anglo" friendly.

I hope you enjoy the rest of your time in Montreal. And hopefully you'll meet more down-to-earth people who can show you what Montrealers are really like because those snobs are a mere minority.

B said...

I'm an American from Boston, Mass. and have visited Montreal 10 times over the last decade. Honestly, it's like you visited the bizzaro Montreal. I've had nothing but great times. I always heard about how rude they were, and have found them nothing but lovely. It's far an away my favorite North American city.

Anonymous said...

Yeah well. You hang out with the wrong people. Or at least you met the wrong people. Some people who highly annoy me seem to be incredibly self-centered and naive. They think Quebec is the best thing in the world and so we must separate from Canada and to heck with the fact that no one effing knows what the heck Quebec is--they know Canada.

So please don't judge fucking Montreal on a bunch of Péquistes.

David Sickmiller said...

Yes, some of the Francophones are unable or unwilling to speak English, but have you tried the smoked meat? Montreal isn't all bad. There's also the poutine.

Anonymous said...

Yay poutine!