Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The Internet Gives Me Hives.

One of my friends broke up with her long term boyfriend, another just got engaged, I just upset my brother, there are a million people on my back about the movie, the documentary, and this other documentary thing. I wanted to be there and I was not. I feel panicked whenever I even think about the dreaded Zombie Movie or even just youtube in general.

I'm sorry to all the people I can't be there for, or who are mad at me, who I've let down or been mean or snappy to. I'm more sorry to the people I've not even responded to in the last few weeks and months. I'm sorry to the people who I actually think of as good solid friends who I barely got to spend a few hours with when I was in San Francisco, if at all.

I am overloaded and it's ruining everything.

Internet, what are you doing to me?


BadAlbert said...

You can't do everything. Maybe you're trying to do too much. Choose what you really want to do, what's really important to you, and drop the rest if you can, otherwise you may end up not being able to do any of it. I hope things brighten up for you.

Anonymous said...

At least you've appologised, everyone will now understand and sympathise - hopefully.

Dave said...

If I were you, I wouldn't be sorry or worry, at all. Nobody gets over rejection better than a bunch of bereft, forelorn sycophants.

httprover said...

You probably need to delegate more. Maybe one or more very dependable personal assistants and just worry about the executive summaries. Try meditating a little if it will help you relax. There is nothing like "wall staring" to clear the mind.

Jason W said...

"Hi, it's me: The Internet. Why don't you call me any more?"

Seriously, take some time for yourself. Being overloaded is not good. The zombies can wait for brains and any true friends will understand. Please look after yourself.

JJC1138 said...

Throw your laptop out a window (or just put it away if you're not feeling too punk rock at the moment) and pretend the Internet doesn't exist until the end of your holiday.

Then, when you get back, delete everything in your inbox and start afresh.

Amelia said...

Bryony, you've got to find the time to forget about time. Alright, so I sound like some old holy fortune-teller, but whatever, you've got to realise how important 'me-time' is. Make up with Alan first, as he's probably the closest to you. I dunno if this is gonna help at all (probably not, lol), but I hope you feel better really soon.

roygbiv said...

For real. The movie can wait, you can still catch up with e-friends online,etc.
Relax; have a couple drinks, smoke a doob, put on some cha-cha music (like Cugat Plays Continental Hits)
and "free-paint", clean, list priorities and things that need to be done or fixed, etc. Get yo head together.
All is well:)

Paul said...

Hello, :)

Never been here before, saw a couple of your youtube vids and laughed so hard I almost choked! Life has been a total bitch for me and you gave me a laugh and you don't even know me, or I know you. :) I'm an Aussie guy who recently had a complete breakdown, mental & physical. I was a full-on project manager and engineer. It wasn't worth this. Don't do what I did, it *TRULY* Is not worth it!

You have talent, real and raw. I worked as a musician and recording engineer when I was much younger, and learned a lot about the media biz and saw so many *wannabe's* without any real talent sadly, and a lot more that self-destructed, or were destroyed by the Biz. It's a truly heartless, careless, monster. You have talent, and it's 100% all yours. Let nobody take that from you.

DON'T let anyone else drive your life! It's yours, either you are the driver, or you are a passenger and will end up over a cliff one day. You don't have time for regrets, or even self-pity. The past is done, nobody can change it. As a wise woman once told me "Never regret the things you've done, only the things you never tried!" Good advice for what it's worth from a stranger. ;)

If you can delegate and you can trust people to do what you can delegate, good. How many times have people let you down, hmm?

Life is short. Enjoy it while you have it. And again, thanks for making my day, you truly did! I'd love to see your work on a big screen one day, but I'd like even better to know you are happy and doing OK.

One last piece of advice from someone who's seen it many times... If you ever get a contract for anything you do, triple check it, get people you trust to check it, and get a good contract lawyer to check it! Because the sharks will own your soul and devour you in a second!!

Cheers, and sincere best wishes, from Aus! ;)

NusaCat said...

You already know what to do, even if you haven't done it, so I'll just offer moral support.


Anonymous said...

If people can't understand you're busy, and can't do everything all at once... well, they first need to get off their ass, and attempt half of the things you have going on. Then they'll learn that not everything can happen all at once. the speed of the internet is too fast for a "real person" to hold to.

i say fuck em.

Is real? said...


Hold on girl :)


Eshniner Forest said...

Things will turn out good.

JustJordan said...

It's okay Bryony. Your true friends and fans understand that this Zombie movie and being a youtube celebrity takes a lot of time and energy.
You may regret the zombie movie now, but once it's done you'll be really proud of yourself for stickig with it, and you'll be able to get back to your old ways.

you is da' bomb digiity.
I know the old bryony will come back to youtube some day. But for now she can take a break.


Ed said...
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Poop said...

I hope things go smoother for you in the next four months so you can end the year breathing easy. It's too bad life got overloaded, but I wonder is it better than having too little going on. I don't know. Good luck, and your friends will certainly support you, knowing the pressure you're under.

cj said...

When I OD on internet, I go cold turkey.

Try putting down the mouse COMPLETELY for a day. Then make it 2 days, etc.

I find it cleanses the soul and reminds you unimportant it really is. Good luck!


WildbillthePirate said...

Speaking as someone to whom this is the normal state of affairs, I have the following observations. I don't guarentee they work for everyone, but they work for me:

You have to develop a "thicker skin", a sense of purpose that will allow you to function in the middle of Chaos.

A professional (and detached) demeanor when working.

Get rid of any preconcieved notions you've got and Focus.

Realize that there are only so many hours in a day and make sure plan to relax and recharge your "batteries" so that things like Patience, Perspective, Compassion, Humor and Friendship have a place in your Life.

Benz said...

Life will get better for you I hope :)

ZombieJesus said...

yeah i know but everything I spent time on and sent in regarding trying to help with that stupid movie over the last couple months was either not recieved or ignored good luck tho its only the net I guess

httprover2 said...

It would be nice if we could stop the clock or even turn it back a little but one of the consequences of the Theory of Relativity seems to be that we can't make up for lost time.