Sunday, August 03, 2008

888- I'm not so sure.

Honestly, I am not looking foward to 888.
I found out today that sxephil is going! ugh. I hear he's super nice IRL but I know I will be a jerk to him if I see him, which I probably will. Whatever.

The main reason for my apprehension is I don't like how people creepily filmed me like it was youtube safari or something at 777. People were just constantly filming me the entire time I was in the park without even speaking to me! It was obnoxious!! Plus a lot of people just kept asking me how my flight was which got tiring after the 47th time. I know- what else are you gonna talk about? But it just irks me.

I might be a total douche when I'm there, so, if you are reading this and you're going, or are mad at me cause I was a douche to you at it and left after 40 minutes, then... it was nothing personal and sorry.

yeah so... I dunno. I know I will have a good time when I'm hanging out with my e-friends and people I actually know, but the 'meet and greet'-y parts are really quite uncomfortable for me but I feel obliged to go to them. Me and the other handful of 'e-celebs' (shudder) don't deserve to be lauded- we just hit the youtube jackpot of being in the right place at the right time and being featured or being popular for whatever reason. We don't have anything special to say, and certainly don't deserve to be held up as some sort of youtube gods or some shit.

But then- why am I going to this thing? I'm sure I sound like a total asshole right now. I bet it looks to the cynically minded like I and other people want to go to these things to feel like a celebrity, to feel special and popular, and no amount of my denying it (which I do) will change those people's minds about it.

What I actually go to these things for is the peripheral things- the informal gathering-y things which are like sattelites to the gargantuan main event, the dinner at Applebees, the drinking at bars, being on a hot roof with 4 amazing people in New york, more drinking at bars, the escaping from the noise of one place for the quiet solitude of a hotel room or fire escape.
It's the moments of smaller, more familiar groups which I enjoy these events for, that I have photographs of and memories of which I cherish, compared to the dread of the main event and all it's unnerving Britney-Spears-on-a-normal-day-followed-by-paparazzi ways.

Yeah so.


Brad O'Farrell said...

I know. Exactly. Only twice has anyone been like "Oh. My. God. It's BRADOFARRELL!" once at 777 and once at ROFLCon. It's particularly annoying for me because goddamnit can these people not do math? 90% of LiveJournal has a higher celebrity status than me. Srsly.

Anyway, I went to 777 for an excuse to go to New York City. I went to DC Tube for Kevin and Devon and, sigh, Joe. I went to As On 08 because I job paid for it. I went to ROFLCon because of Ryan North. And I'm only going to this because it's the first and last chance I'll have to hang out with Frezned IRL.

Anyway, we should just do what we did at DC Tube--we ditched the lame gathering and saw all the touristy sights and stuff. Even though no one cares about tourist shit (especially in Torronto lawl) it was a good excuse to be running around with your friends with a mission at both NYC and DC. We should all just break off with Marc and have him show us around the city, since he's from there.

Goose said...

Im not sure many people reading could understand what you mean, unless they're on youtube with thousands of subscribers, or have been to alot of these things, iv never been to any.

The whole point of these things is for you to feel like a celebrity. Its more or less a convention, but unlike a convention, people are not expecting you to be a character that you made up, so you dont have to act a certain way, or even turn up.

JJC1138 said...

Problem solved.

Geoffrey said...

Did you just come up with that jjc1138? Well done!

Many times nice people come across as arrogant and ill-mannered when they are simply uncomfortable and shy.

I don't know what good it could possibly do to single out SxePhil as someone you aren't looking forward to meeting at 888. Didn't you just turn the awkwardness dial up two notches, especially if this gets back to him?

Have a good time in Toronto. I hope the small informal gatherings are even more fun than you expect, and that the fans at the big events are friendly without being intrusive.

Is real? said...


Like it was YouTube safari!


Well it's funny for me, but for you, it should be kind of creepy and disappointing... but we are just a bunch of humans!


Mike Kenny said...

I've imagined celebrities wearing some kind of clunky suit made of mirrors, so when they're being photographed by the paparazzi the ubiquitous camera flashes would be reflected back at the photographers, or in the case of non-flash photography, the photographers might end up taking a photo of their own reflection. yes, that is my practical advice for dealing with unwanted photography/filming. Wear a mirror-suit to 888...

Eshniner Forest said...

Its nice to hear you "ugh" him & I agree. :0)

JustJordan said...

i totally feel ya Bryony. When I was at the 6/7/8 midwest gathering Karen was being swarmed by creepy guys the entire time like she was a giant donut, and they were starving children. I was like, oh god I'm so glad that I'm not a youtube celebrity. I totally didn't converse with people when I was there. Me and Lori just strip danced on stop signs and took pictures of a homeless dude. Lori even fell asleep on the ledge of the fountain where eveyone was gathering.
I'm now glad I'm not going to 888, because I don't want to hate you. ;)

httprover said...
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