Sunday, July 13, 2008


One of my favourite video bloggers of recent times is VolnessJ- I like how ADD he is, and he is so funny and adorable! He sent me a rose through the post when I subscribed to him!! (it died on the way) he's the BEST!

He's coming to London, like, now! (literally he's on a plane as I'm writing this I think). We're hopefully going to meet up one day, i don't know what we'll do, but hopefully atleast make an obnoxious apple store video or something.

that Jay Brennan guy is this person:

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JustJordan said...

Awe, Bryony you dedicated a post to me! I love you! My god damn hotel, and it's god damn 'wireless' internet and my god damn computer charger! I was so looking forward to hanging out with you. I knew you were sleeping in. Ahahah, you lazy fart. I swear someday we will meet, and we will make the most wonderful, boring, blabbery, ADD video in YouTube history. It will happen. We just have to wish hard enough and not put our phones on silent.

p.s. I was wondering if that rose ever got to you as I was lying in bed one night in lodon. I had forgotten all about that.