Sunday, July 13, 2008

Video Blogs: a rumination

I started being active on youtube because of vlogs, but I kind of never watch that many these days. I go for weeks or months without watching any, but every now and then, I will go through a vlog phase, and catch up on all of them.
Last night I watched a bunch of EndlessJoe's blogs, and Speppers's videos too- and I love their vlogs so much. I think you have to be in the right frame of mind to watch video blogs.
I miss the days when I interacted more within the 'vlogosphere' or whatever you want to call it. I think it's really kind of hard to do that now though, or atleast it seems so to me. I am always scared I'm going to offend someone and have to take it all down, or just don't want to add to the increasing amount of detritus on my channel.
The wise MrSafety (yes, I am really going to quote some of his sage advice) said something when I was in San Francisco back in February 07 abouthow you should only have your best stuff up on your channel, because it makes it look like all your work is awesome. If the friends system worked properly on youtube I think I would do that, but.. eh it doesn't. It would be great if anyone who added you as a friend (and you didn't have to dick around doing random crap to make them your friend) could ust see whatever videos you decided to set as 'friends only' or somesuch... well that would be cool. Then people wouldn't have to be exposed to all the junk that is littered about your channel unless they were really creepily into you.

Eh anyways, I don't know where this longass blog post came from. Just thinkin about blogs.

Sarah sums up how I feel about youtube in this video:


thehashbrownhustler said...

you could always put the vlogs on the xPLXx channel, right?

after all its "This one has more grit though. and stuff not good enough for the shiny channel."

I'm not to sure about what the thing is with vlogs, but the more you watch the harder it is to stop watching. I guess its something to do with relating- or in my case filling in the life I don't have (haha!).

Eshniner Forest said...

Youtube is the only place I have made internet friends.

BadAlbert said...

But then to some extent that defeats the purpose, or at least the appeal, if everyone is in their 'sunday best' all the time so to speak that detracts from the realness of it which was what attracted most of us in the first place. If we wanted that we could watch tv. It seems to me there is a lack of 'real people entertaining real people' these days. Communication, and real interaction got dropped for sub par showbiz and second hand glitz. And what's that worth?

Jennfabulous said...

I agree about the whole friends system on youtube and the theory of it. Sucks is doesn't quite work that way. True story.

luxe lonesome said...

Hi Paperlilies :) I just decided to write because I've been a fan of your vlogs for a long time! I dunno...I think they are consistently original and clever! Anyway, good luck with the Zombie movie :) Cheers from Tokyo!

linterdit said...

I've only started watching youtube at all in the last week. It seems that everyone I've been drawn to is entirely disillusioned by it. It's a bit of a catch 22. Being honest and making good videos gave people like yourself viewers and subscribers. These people tear apart and judge everything you say and so you don't make videos anymore.

I guess that's not truly a catch 22, but I hope you see my point. Hopefully, for the people who do get your videos and can appreciate your humour you can keep posting some "vlogs". (i don't like that word)


JustJordan said...

I'm one of those people who are creepily into you.

I put a camera in that rose.