Wednesday, July 16, 2008

random thoughts while watching Happy Feet (ps I hated it)

So I'm actually 35 mins into this already but shh. I decided to 'live blog' my first viewing of Happy Feet.

Why are there so many disneyesque films where the main character is basically a spazz? I get it, there's a 'different' one who gets ostracised from the group but they're so pure and good and it all works out in the end but what? that doesn't happen in real life.

WTF? why do the penguins have american accents but now there's another group and they are mexican? But speaking Engish? That makes literally no sense. If they DID speak, they'd have norwegian accents wouldn't they?

Why is everyone voiced by Robin Fucking Williams?

The very core of this movie is that the main character can't sing, whereas the other penguins can. Um, I've been to the penguin house at London Zoo, and not only do penguins not sing, but they sound fucking horrible. And they REEK.

Maybe I don't love this because I've never really felt a great affinity for penguins?

Penguins don't have boobs.

It really annoys me the way when he taps, it sounds like tap dancing. But when they are just walking around on the same surface, there's no sound at all. I used to do tap lessons (hated them) and those fuckers just tip tap wherever you go.

You know, this could have kind of been about any kind of animal, really. The singing/not being able to sing but being able to tap dance. Hmm but it's part of their mating ritual. Maybe Lobsters? Swans? something that mates forever anyways.

I find it hard to be beguiled by CGI dancing. Watching Gene Kelly tap dance is amazing because he was a real human being able to do this amazing stuff, but CGI is totally anticlimactic.

I think that its just really hard to empathise with a beaked stinky sleek animal like a penguin. Their faces have hardly any emotion or scope for emotion, with a hard beak and small eyes, all of which is black and therefore hard to even see, unless you make them look really ridiculous. And penguins look IDENTICAL to one another too, so you have barely any way of differentiating them, unless you give them creepy boobs and suchlike.

why are those elephant seals (or whatever they are) australian?

It must be so cool to be a killer whale.

I don't even remember why he's going after the humans anymore.

the animation of the sea in this is phenomenal.

gosh there's like a quarter of this to go. I SO prefer the Lion King.

Now he's dancing for people in a zoo???

the old ones are scottish. Ugh. Though, to be fair, the impossibility of having different features means you have to differentiate between them somehow.

omg maybe he's a suicide bomber.

I wonder what penguin tastes like.

this part reminds me of that prison where all the prisoners re-enacted the thriller dance.

Hahaha it's as simple as 'we should just abandon all marine harvesting!'

It's over. I feel like I'm on a plane and just watched an inflight movie. YAWN.


Eshniner Forest said...
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Eshniner Forest said...

I amazed you sat threw and watched Happy Feet. Personally that film would be hard for me to bare. I did however watch the Bee movie with my girl friend and we both thought it was more so educational, cause it reminded us of how bees lived and worked together, but the story was a heap of boredom & the utter chaos that went threw our minds while watching, it made us leave the theater.

Chris Dianity said...

It's well know among Christians that penguins are in league with Satan

jgirvine said...

The reason the seals accents are Australian is because it takes place in the South Pole, not the North Pole... Antartica is closer to Australia and Africa than Norway, and America and Mexico, so none of the accents really make sense...

Dave said...

One could only hope that all the illegal Mexican penguins in America spoke English.

maliknant said...

WARNING: "Back in my day" comment from old guy.

CGI is way too slick and smooth. Gimme an old hand-drawn cartoon anyday. 'Who Framed Roger Rabbit?' looked really good, and that was all hand-drawn baby, old school.

Heather said...

^^haha, so true. i loved roger rabbit. it was sooo amazing at the time!

Austincovello said...

Clearly you've never seen Neon Genesis Evangelion.

Fuck these Disneyfied Singing, Dancing, Surfing penguins. Pen-Pen FTW.

Anonymous said...

'Tis unfortunate I cannot post images. But alas! A URL, I have.

I felt it appropriate to your topic. :D!! Cheers!

Liketheicecream said...

Hahaha seriously, you are judging a disney movie which is suitable for 3+ kids. your post isn't making any sense.of course i see nothing wrong with you watching disney movies while being in your mid twenties, i do watch disney movies myself and i'm 18 but anyway, how can you judge a movie with those critiria when the movie is for really young kids? this is what you used to watch when you were little as well not thinking about the accents!?!? or whatever. i know this is your blog , you can post whatever the f*** you want but this just made me like "wow what is she saying?" that's just it

JustJordan said...

haha, Robin Fucking Williams. I hate him too.

When I went to Euriope last summer we watched Happy Feet on the bus but in German. If you don't watch the screen and just listen to it, it sounds really dirty. Or maybe it doesn't, but we were on that bus for a long time and had to find a way to entertain ourselves.

Isabelle (Bel) said...

uh uh you can't compare lion king, it's the best ever!

come on... "from the day we arrived on the planet, and blinking, step into the sun..."
I would sing all the movie's songs... but whatever..

Pål André said...

Great blog, Paperlillies. :)

Just discovered it, and kept on reading a bit. And suddenly when I got to the part with the penguins, I just had to comment.

We Norwegians are not penguins, we'll leave that to the South Africans and Australians. If you were talking about polar bears on the other hand... ;D

However. Keep it up. :) Loved your "facts about England" video on YouTube. Probably some Americans that believed it.