Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Outsource your life, busy busy bee

So I have a LOT of stuff to do right now. Not least of which is get a place to stay in Toronto and Montreal, and a train betwixt the two.
I've heard of 'outsource your life' things before- they're the perfect thing for weekend newspaper supplement articles, which are pretty much the only thing I read these days. I've never used one but ever since I heard of them I wanted to try it, it seems like such a convenient and simple idea.
Basically there are a bunch of people in Mumbai or somewhere (?) that you give a bunch of menial online/not in person tasks (ie, phone calls, replying to emails, finding stuff on ebay, whatever). For a small fee and with perameters set however it's decided, they go off and do all your shit while you do whatever else you have to do.

So anyway! I thought I'd look into it and see if it would be worthwhile to try it out for this toronto mission (its complicated as there are 5 of us in one place and we want an apartment but every fucking apartment is on a different (invariably crappy) website).

I looked up and found this site, 'Get Friday', there's a list of things clients have them do. From the straightfoward:
  • Following up on appointments, errands and tasks
  • Online purchases

  • Creation of legal documents

  • Website maintenance (Web design, publishing, uploading files) that doesn't require a professional designer

to the outrageous!!

  • Daily wake up calls with the local weather report and instructions to get up, make the bed and exercise.

  • Reminding an over-zealous client to not speed and collecting parking fines. And pay his current parking fines.

  • Apologizing and sending flowers and cards on their behalf to spouses of clients.

  • Research on how to tie a shoe lace meant for a child (client’s son).
  • Reading bedtime stories to a young child on phone

Anyway writing this post was a waste of time really, I should stop procrastinating!!


thehashbrownhustler said...

Maybe GetFriday could write blogs for you too! :D

Mike said...

i recall there was a book called 'the four hour work week' by tim ferris that talks about ways to make life way easier. given you seem to be the leader of a guerilla film production company, maybe it would be helpful! outsourcing your life was one concept in it, i believe.

Eshniner Forest said...

Never be a PA. Its evil.

Dave said...

clamato is real. and tasty. yum.