Saturday, July 19, 2008

new hotfornerds video

Check the hotfornerds channel, its good :)

Thanks for the presents Jon. though it's not my birthday til the 23rd of August?


JJC1138 said...

That Jon guy is stoopid.

Sparrow said...

Love that star!! <3

Dave said...

That which is traditionally thought to be "Nerdy" is only "cool" when it's practiced by attractive, educated, and well-rounded people because it then ceases to be "nerdy".

Otherwise, it's nerdy.

May your actions be judged accordingly.


pearly said...

I know a whole lot of people who don´t like Nintendo or other "nerdy" things, find everything I think is cool extremely lame but I can´t be friends with people like that. You know? What would we talk about? How they find me lame because I can easily "waste" a day playing PSP or Grow Cube? That would be a fun conversation.

I don´t know if this makes any sense.. well, it does in my head.

Benz said...

Interesting video. Today everyone is just poseur to the nerd scene hahah.