Saturday, July 05, 2008

Make your own food babies

IMG_1547, originally uploaded by wirrow.

me and Chris made a vegetable patch! We planted peas, polycress, spring onions and spinach, aswell as a chilli plant my mum gave us and at the back of the picture, the fucking tomato BUSH that grew from 4 tiny plants (that were like 4 inches high).
It is so boring to hear about gardening, but trust me, when you do all this shit: you dig and sift soil and plant seeds and nothing happens for days and days, but then you notice a tiny sprout of green... it's so exciting!

I now understand why people have babies. Although, you can't really eat those. Pshh lame babies. It's all about the tomatobabies.


Eshniner Forest said...

Grey soil! I'm so use to seeing orange clay that look odd to me. woah!

Dave said...

Renaissance woman, Paperlilies, now adds gentlewomanly farmer to her resumé.

BenLoka said...

Hooray!! I've seen this with my own eyes!!
You can't eat babies?!! There goes my dinner plans =(

Austincovello said...

Who says you can't eat babies?