Monday, July 07, 2008

I hate the dentists

I think I've blogged about my dislike for the scam that is dentistry in the UK before, but today I left the place IN TEARS. And not from physical pain.

I had a checkup and they wouldn't give me any antibiotics for my wisdom tooth that's gotten a bit infected again (the reason I went in the first place). Then when I was done, the receptionist told me it was £51 for the check up and the cleaning (the totally pointless cleaning, seeing as every fucking time I go there I get told how amazingly I clean my teeth and there's hardly any reason for them to clean them. WHICH, by the way, I did NOT ask for). I asked if I could pay it later, seeing as 1: I have done that before I think, 2: I've seen other people do that before, with no problem from beyotch receptionist lady, and 3: c'mon!! it's not especially unusual for somoene to do that. And 4: because you don't know how much it's going to be til after they've seen you, so how the fuck are you supposed to know how much money to bring?

I wanted to pay later because I have two bank cards and I didn't know which one had money in it. If I've gone overdrawn on either, I get a bank charge.

But no. receptionist shrew lady acted like I was pretending like I was going to pay it when it was patently obvious I was never going to pay, and was going to spend all my money on drugs and antifreeze. The reception was full of people, all in a tiny room, so everything we were saying was clearly obvious to them, and I left the place feeling like they all got to see someone who was going to have to turn a few more tricks that night to pay the rent. It was humiliating.

I asked her 'well can I pay it later?' and she was like 'Well you SHOULD pay it now.' Well, in that sentence it sounds like there is an option to NOT pay it now. HENCE MY ASKING IF I COULD PAY IT LATER. But she was adamant that I should pay it now. Fine then, but then she's all 'you don't go to Tesco's and pay later, do you?' and that kind of thing. FUCK YOU LADY AT THE DENTISTS. Honestly, she is the one thing that makes me hate that place. She's so supercillious and clearly gets enjoyment out of other's anguish at both being in dental pain, and having to pay through the nose depsite them NOT DOING ANYTHING ABOUT IT.

I hate that place. I. Hate. It. And most of all, I hate YOU, dental receptionist lady.

To be fair though, my actual dentist is the loveliest lady ever, even though she keeps calling me Byrony and won't give me antibiotics.


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I know that this is probably a stupid question and I'm probably showing my ignorant American roots, but don't you get free health care in the U.K., under the NHS? Or is dentistry not covered under that?

Also, I hate receptionists at all health care places. I dunno; there's just something I dislike about them.

Anonymous said...

I have a big swelling or something by one of my wisdom teeth, emergency dentist yesterday and normal one tomorrow. They give me antibiotics though. I'll remember to take my wallet tomorrow!

X said...

Have you tried Corsodyl (non-prescription medicated mouthwash)?

Dave said...

I remember the first post on this subject. I also remember my answer. Total cost: $1.50 USD for the entire bottle. Hold it in your mouth for as long as you can, maybe 3 times a day, for like 5 minutes. Problem solved.

Pixie said...

I've had a similar problem with my dentist recently too. Though I managed to get away without paying, I simply forgot and just walked striaght out! No one stopped me or anything!

Isabelle (Bel) said...

Oh I also hate my dentist. He always forgets things inside my mouth and once, when I was going to put braces, he said I would put MOBILE braces, then, in the following week I went there and he said I would put FIXED braces. In the other week I went back there to put the FIXED one, and he said "So,let's put MOBILE braces?"

AND, when my brother had to extract his wisdom teeth, he said it was the worst pain he had ever had! And some people don't even be ticklish!
Stupid man! And my time to extract those teeth is coming... shit.

JustJordan said...

WHAT A TWAT! I've never experience anything like that at the dentist. When i come to london, you and I are going to go there and put dog poop under her car door handle. HAHAHA! I would never do that.

No but seriously, lets get her back.

alexis! said...

the recptionist at my regular doctor is the WORST WOMAN EVER. i go in there like, "my tummy hurts" and they're like, "okay, we're going to take some of your blood and then charge you out the ass for it, and if that doesnt work, come back next week and we'll take some more blood."

they take my blood EVERY SINGLE IM IM THERE. I went for the flu a few months ago, and I swear they took enough blood to fill up the atlantic ocean.

i got in a huge argument with the receptionist lady about it. i told her as politely as i could, "i'm not going to pay for them to do a test that is not in any way related to my illness."

she looked at me like i'd just raped her mother! and she got all rude and told me i'd pay what they charged me or i'd go to prison. she literally told me that!! it was so embarassing and horrible.

i managed not to cry until i got home. hah.

Anonymous said...

I had exactly the same! But I had to pay €64,- (yeah, i live in holland, that's why the euro's) Thank God I had my bankcard with me. They even have a note hanging on the wall. "pay immediately when your done" (or something like that)

I don't like the dentist because it hurts, i hate it because they're rude!
(and sorry if there are mistakes.. english is not my best subject *shame*)

Anonymous said...

Enjoyable, funny read - could imagine the scene so well. And clever receptionist saying that about Tesco ha... she should of been a lawyer.

This link is a good reason why they 'clean' your teeth. Wish I'd read it years ago.