Friday, June 06, 2008

Zombie Movie Forum!

Here's the forum!!
It's quite sparse right now- please go and post things, even if it's just in the general chat part, to say what kind of socks you have on today!!


Harlequin said...

Awesome sauce!

Heh, yet another forum for me to join, post on, neglect and then accidentally forget, only to hear about it two months later as 'The Cool New Forum' where all the cool people go. Ah well... :p

ZombieJesus said...

I have put this in the forum sorry if I am muddying up this blog for a sec but this is IMPORTANT in order to keep this from getting out of hand .....

Since this will be a conglomeratiin of many videos ( or a few anyway) I suggest we use a few main characters to keep this simple and then edit in any other misc vids
As a narrative people could be getting information from the news IE:

A News reporter comes on and says " First reports coming in from the United States shows widespread panic in metro areas where flesh eating mutants are rampaging the states of Michigan Ohio and Pennsylvania." Cut to a clip from anywhere and splice it in.

This would be a way of using misc videos ya know having some main characters trapped or on te move running away but getting news reports from time to time

Anonymous said...

wow .. i dont have the time to participate in such a big and lively forum :(
i posted a bit .. but i dont think i can keep up with all of it.
maybe its just the initial buzz, but it might also cast me out from participating :/

ichannel said...


Just wanted to let you know I responded to your email last week. But I got back that automated response (good idea!) so I'm not sure if this email vanished like the last one! Anyway, hope all is well! Let's chat about this whenever you get the chance...

-Craig (ichannel)

Anonymous said...

OK, seriously - you rock. I stumbled across one of your YouTube vids last week, and have actually added you to my blogroll so I remember to keep up with you. I look here, like 5 days later, only to see you still rock. So, paperlilies, kudos to you.

If I had ANY ascertainable skills in the realms of zombie movies, I would be inclined to help in this project. Alas, we will see.

So - farewell for now, and I wish you all the luck - oh, and much success on your future ventures.


Eshniner Forest said...

I dont know about you guys but I wanna have a Zombie Cookout!

httprover said...

The better Zombie movies make a distinction between the quick and the dead.

tbk said...

Speaking of zombie movies I've just finished a short stop motion zombie movie. It's set in medieval times check it out.

The bloody part is at the end. Enjoy.