Tuesday, June 03, 2008


Oh man, I have been going through the comments on my last video, and... I don't know how to break it to you guys... but I wasn't really bitten!! Ha, seriously?! I would be FREAKING THE FUCK OUT if that happened. It was just makeup- I didn't think anyone would really believe me! Oh youtube!

But yeah, so far there's been some awesome ideas put forward for the title and plot! I think this is really going to happen :o


Anonymous said...

Not really all that surprising that people thought it was real. ;)

Dave said...

Zombie? You look like every other girl at an American trailer park on a Saturday night who got roughed up by her alcoholic boyfriend.

The bruise mark did look real--even if extreme. Nice job.

Harlequin said...

You mean you're fine? Then it was all lies... Damned lies...
Huzzah for hyper-realistic makeup and gullible intertubes! xD

--N-- said...

Have you ever been bitten?
The make-up looked very real.

Heather said...

you look even more like your brother in that picture. is that weird? :o)

Anonymous said...

i have to admit that i believed you had been bitten. weird shit happens on public transportation. the bruise mark looked convincing, good job on the makeup.

Carlos said...

elevated white blood cell count or it didn't happen D:

BadAlbert said...

You mean you lied? To The fans? To the people? You're just not the nice wholesome english girl you'd like us all to think are you?

Adam said...

Hey Paper,
I'm an IT tech in Melbourne and saw your "Let's Make a Zombie Video" on the tube. I have a full sound studio and a colleague who is a graphics designer. We love you're idea and think its fantastic. We have full video effects editing software and sound effects libraries which we have full access to. If you can get this movie together we would be more than happy to turn it into a full fledged mini-film or series with teaser trailers and all. All you need to do is get the film in the order you need and we can add sound effects/music in after. We're really flexible and can work with all different sorts of file formats as we have PC's as well as iMacs, eMacs and MacBooks.
Just let me know... To get in touch with me send me a message through the tube or gmail.

Anonymous said...

so you are really serious?
hmm ..
whats the plan to pull this off?

i'm the type of person whos always game when people work together on smth .. i've been there many times .. and if it's not really really simple .. it always fails .. especially on the internet .. people always pull out

my idea to include people from all over the world .. would be to include a live-video-chat scene. you can have one person chat with another and then things start happening on the other side. that way a lot of problems are bypassed .. like different video quality etc.
or it could be based on YTs mobile feature. the story beeing someone watching a channel, while videos are beeing uploaded from a mobile phone "on the run from zombies" or smth .. and then other vids pop up in the related section etc ..
that person could call a friend over in the beginning (after watching the first vid).. and it could end with the friend arriving as a zombie ;)

.. if you really think this is gonna happen, let me know if i can help (anonymous stuff like story, ideas, camera .. would be my favs).
just dont get too enthusiastic .. so will be your disappointment if it doesnt work out.

bikerider96 said...

what if zombies found a way of infecting us humans thru the internet? like they send us an e-mail with a video of lots of pics codes and stuff to mess with our brain and we would send that same e-mail to lots of people around the world so they would be infected. it could be done like a documentary.4 example Antarctica a bunch of penguins find a computer and press butons randomly, and access the e-mail then they become zombies!!! It can't be a steriotipycal zombie movie, like you said "where on the internet", maybe the zombies are too!
let me know what you think of my idea.

WildbillthePirate said...

I admit. I was duped! However that kind of thing happens on a rather depressingly regular basis here in N.Y. Good One, Ms. Zombie!

Eshniner Forest said...

You look like zombie jesus in that picture.

esseekproductions said...

I didn't know if i should beleive you or not! Jeez i don't know what kind of crazy people you have over there! LOL
but me and my friend would love to help with the film if we can. (we are obsessed with zombie movies) we made one a couple years ago, you can check it out at www.youtube.com/davidburgandy so you know im not lying haha. Also, I think if would be a bad and chaotic idea to have EVERYONE work on it who wants to. you should pick a few different people around the world to help out. thanks for reading. take care

Chris Dianity said...

How cruel can one person be I was worried sick after reading of your bite attack and now I find out it's all lies. You are a bigger lair than Jesus I hope you are unhappy with yourself!

alexis! said...

making a zombie movie would be the greatest thing ever.

i made one with my friends when i was a little kid. it ended up being quite terrible, seeing as we only had access to cheap food dye and the plot didnt make very much sense, but it was possibly the most fun i ever had.

you should definitely make it happen.