Thursday, June 26, 2008

Good Times

Today I was ridin' the tube (ie, going into central london on the Underground) and I was listening to Journey on my ipod. I started listening to Journey when I saw this episode of Family Guy in which they sing 'Don't Stop Believing' in a bar. I found the song and played it a bunch, then I bought the album. I honestly don't think I had ever heard of them before that Family Guy episode. (i'd post a link but there's no video I can find of the family guy clip)

So anyways, I was listening to them and that song played, and I was transported back to New York, July 2007, when me and a bunch of other drunken youtubers sang that song so loud in the back of an irish bar. A smile came across my face which wouldn't go away, that kind of 'I'm in love' type smile, you know?? That makes you look alittle unhinged. It was honestly one of the best times of my life.

So... I was going to just write a list of happy memories from the last year, but now that I've explained that so much, I might just go ahead and explain them.

In February (or march? April? I forget) Callianne, aka TheSlyestFox, came to london, and I blogged all the adventures we had, but I have this one specific moment I remember so fondly, which was back at her parent's house, we made cakes and looked at the photos we'd taken in Brighton- and then her, me, Chris, Kett, my brother and Antoni looked at these LOLcats, one of which I'd made (with their awesome lolcat builder FYI) and she for some reason explained them to us one by one, what was happening in the picture and what the caption was, and why it was funny, and for some reason it was the cutest and funniest thing! It warmed my heart so much, and I've since spoken of it with my brother and Chris and both were equally charmed by it all as I had been.

I was just reminded of that cause I watched her video on HotForNerds. I miss her!!


DentonUSA said...

Awwww!! Every time I hear that Journey song I'm instantly transported back to that bar in NY, too. What a great time that was. Definitely high up on my "Top 10 Best Times of My Life" list. Gah!! Now you're making me all sad and witstful!! Thanks a lot!! Darn you!! hahaha :D

Dave said...

You're funny Paperlilies-never heard of Journey until then, huh? You forgot this little song that is one of the most famous Power Ballads of all time?

Yeah, so anyway, you've made it abundantly clear that you're partial to nostalgia. Just sign those contracts, get that crib on Malibu Beach, and I'll volunteer to swing by and look through whatever photo albums you want--at least for a couple minutes until I hit the beach.

Dave said...

P.S. I can't believe that this blog made me rock out to old-skooool Journey all day, and that it would provoke such intrigue and concern.

I had "Faithfully" playing in the background when a friend called and he asked me whether I was forlorn and pining away. I said: "Of course not, I'm just listening to some old Journey". Not believing me, he called back a few hours later just to make sure I hadn't been gutted.

Pablo Kickasso said...

Hold on to that feeling.

Sean Bedlam said...

Hey B. Dude! I totally saw Journey in Fresno. Why? Same reason I was in the USA: free tickets. How much did they suck? We left before the music turned us into softcocks. Someone had eaten Journey's soul- Satan perhaps- and they in turn were doing something dark and evil to the audience. I shudder. I like that song though. :)

LaQuesta said...
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LaQuesta said...

I love that song. Your blog reminded me of a video I seen recently. You should film your own!

I gave you the wrong link! Oops!