Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Disaster Day

Today was like.. disaster day!! Everything that could go wrong seemed to go wrong! I somehow took about 2 hours to get home, and once I did get home, i got the last Früli beer out of the fridge, and stupidly tried to open it as I was on the phone (ie, with one hand) and then it slipped and smashed into a million pieces on the tile floor. So instead of languishing in the garden with a delicious strawberry beer, I had to fucking clean the whole kitchen floor!

Ontop of that, I have all these annoying legal-y issues and contracts I need to work through and negotiate and consider, which is exciting too, but also very stressful, not being an entertainment lawyer and all.

Today was my last day at my regular job- it was fun while it lasted, though I felt like I had learned most all I could from it in a way, and I'm excited to move onto new things- the zombie movie is so exciting! and I'm going to California and Toronto and Montreal and Las Vegas and LA! I might be going to LA sooner than that too, if things come through (as they ought to- Hollywood types can be hard to deal with). Anyways, if I do, I want to eat 10 tacos as soon as I get there.

I have a video to edit, but I'm putting it off cause I am silly (it won't even take that long to edit for cryeye!).

That's what I'm doing right now anyways.
Lately I have been reading the 'flipflopflying' blog- a blog I have read for a very long time (probably the one blog I have read consistently since I ever heard of blogs, infact) and at the moment, Craig, the writer of said blog, is travelling around the States, visiting baseball stadiums. I have no great interest in Baseball, but his wry and grumpy English way of looking at things, and cynical eye, and beautiful drawings and photographs, make it fascinating.
Anyway, it makes me want to blog like he does, about the things I do and where I go. I hope to do that next time I go away, and especially during August when I go on my adventures!

my back hurts, but i must away to edit!!


JJC1138 said...

I'm ridiculously jealous that you're spending a month swanning about across the pond having unspecified adventures! D'ya need an assistant/chauffeur?

Eshniner Forest said...

Tacos! oh gosh I love them bastards. It sounds like the coming months for you will be rather great!! As for myself, I wont be going any place until January 2009. I'm quite excited!! :)

Chris Dianity said...

You know it's all down hill when you drop your Früli beer. I think GOD is punishing you for something.

Pablo Kickasso said...

This is god's way of telling you that fruit-flavored beers are evil. This is your final warning. Do not drink them again, or be banished to the hellfires of Hades for all eternity where there will be much weeping and gnashing of teeth. So says the lord.

Ray said...

The 2-regular tacos for $0.99 at Jack's is one of my favorite lunch staples. Not sure I could down 10 of those in one sitting though--that's a lot of tacos. :-)

Dave said...

Let me know when you get the house on Malibu Beach.

Sarah said...

oh god you have one of these woman? since when, you bloggy whore? so...yeah. you're not my favorite anymore. can you tell? kidding. let's make out. oh shit and i just realized i've been logged in since october of '07 with one of these and never posted.

so who is the cool one now, lilies?!

Anonymous said...

I can never find Fruli in bottles outside of the BFI :( I'd love to find out where do you get yours from?