Monday, June 23, 2008

Busy busy

SO much has been going on in my life lately, and Ive not written about it, which I'm annoyed about cause mostly it's good stuff which I want to talk about if only to read back in the future.

The Zombie Movie (hereafter I'm going to refer to it as IZM- the internet zombie movie) has really hit it off with the internet and people everywhere, which is awesome and daunting, and also getting to the point at which I can't even look at the forum anymore because it scares and stresses me out because people are constantly on my back and I don't like letting people down and know that I inevitably will do.

I went to see Indiana Jones, I thought it was ok- it was what it was, you know? Indiana Jones movies aren't supposed to be anything more than easy to watch dumb actioney fun movies. And I find the Lebouf easy enough to watch. I thought the crystal skull was too blatantly made of plastic because it seemed so light all the time, and the use of CGI at the end seemed kind of excessive (you know what I'm tlking about if you've seen it, but I don't want to spoil it from anyone who hasn't seen it).

I ate at some great restaurants, the other day I went to The Maze Grill which is one of Gordon Ramsay's restaurants ad I had a £28 steak which was amazing. I want to have Wagyu steak one day. It's £110 per steak. I figure I can just have that and nothing else one day, and just eat plain pasta all the rest of the week.

The same day as that I went to see the filming of a TV show pilot for a new comedy show called 'We Need Answers', which was a lot of fun. I want to write more about it but right now I'm in bed and my laptop is making me boiling hot cause it's like a hot water bottle on my lap.

More posts (and maybe some elaborations on the above things) soon!! It's not good to be too busy to not make time for the things which bring you joy- writing on this silly little blog is one of those things for me.


Eshniner Forest said...
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Eshniner Forest said...

I agree blogs are silly & fun!

Bashfulbully said...

Indiana Jones and the kindom of the crystal skull.
I wasn't completely satisfied, it lacked something special that the previous films had. There's something empty at the heart of the film. It's like George Lucas and Spielberg got lazy.
I enjoyed Iron Man alot more. The story had more depth and good character development.

Dave said...

I'd appreciate it if you would Federal Express me the Creekstone corn fed, aged 35 days, Rib eye 12 oz.

Anonymous said...

oh my.

shyara here (from the forum. haha.) anyway, Wagyu steak kinda sucks.. It's all oily and not that good, imo. I prefer a good ol' american Ribeye. But... that's just the Chef talking. haha.

Anonymous said...

oh, i also heartily disagree with you saying how you'll disappoint everyone, i know you wont. Your passion for this movie is what fueled everyone to join the board, and comment, and make it the crazy multi-headed beast it is right now. Just come back in, chop some heads, and let the pieces fall where they may. You have the strength. You can do it.

Shane of the Road. said...

Hey, chick. Just wanted to let you know it's cool about the little poem I wanted you to read for our last video. No big deal, we all get busy. Trust me, I understand. I just wanted to let you know you're golden so long as your phone keeps ringing. It means they know your name. Keep climbin'.

Be Well,

Emma said...

I'd love to eat in one of Gordon's restaurants, the menus just sounds amazing.
+ I thought I was the only one who put the laptops useless heat energy and make it useful in warming me up!
Brilliant blog:)

Emma said...
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ZombieJesus said...


You know by my name I have been with ya (so to speak) for awhile
I know it has been a birt overwhelming with the IZM I am really trying to bring this to a place when all the insanity becomes manageable. I am thinking like our teachers used to say an "outline" would help as in the idea that all the video clips and actual filming be done via news clips to split it up and make it more concise. I can explain how to do this if you think it would be benificial to the project. It seems that setting this up with correctly might be a pressure relief for the direction of this film. email me

roygbiv said...
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roygbiv said...

I hope there are enough people working on the IZM to be able to handle most of the work, plus I've seen some moderators on there.
Hopefully you'll be pleased with the outcome enough to not shudder when you see your name as "Executive Producer"(?) on film.
I'd love to be able to help and invest time and effort but it's hard to say how much at this point, but there are a lot of contacts to do a great job in this location regardless, it's just a matter of making definite. In the end, it should just be about having fun plain and simple.

Indiana left me with a meh feeling, I'm mostly disappointed with the fact that Lucas had to rewrite the script when everyone else agreed that they already liked it. If the young 'uns get a kick out of it the way the other ones did for me, then that's cool.