Sunday, April 06, 2008

Youtube comment: 'What the hell!!'

This person has a kid of their own?!?! Jesus H. Christ.


JustJordan said...

haha, oh you gotta love the incredibly rediculous hater comments. I copy and paste all of mine onto word, just to go back and read them later for fun.

maliknant said...

Wait until she sees your Sarcasm video. YIKES.

Eshniner Forest said...

What?! Shit Comment. Sound like a teenager... maybe. Yeesh!

Anonymous said...

Your next video:
The Death of Paperlilies

Bry #1 with pig tails of course.
Bry #2 in current atire
Bry #3 stock footage

Bryrony #1: "What did YOU do?!"
Bry #2: "Do to what?"

Bry #1: "Your channel! What did you do to your channel, oh your subscribers too?"

Bry #2: "Oh that, it's called Easter Zombie Jesus, do you like it?"

Bry #1 (crying): "No! The Paperlilies I knew and loved is dead and buried!"

Bry #2: "Ok, let's calm down..."
Bry #1 (pointing finger): "Just go!"

Bry #2 gets up and leaves.
Bry #1 looks to the right and asks, "What do you want?!"

Bry #3: "I want to be a Hulkmanic...

The gimic title alone will get you views, and I'm sure you're dying to get even with miss molly for her 1.7+ mil views making fun of you.

I want my old Paperlilies back, what have you done to her?

Sonance said...

Sounds like they got the kid to write the YouTube comment.

dlf420 said...

Yeah, screw that ANONYMOUS person.
Paperlillies kicks ass!
Keep those vids coming baby!

Austincovello said...

What? He had a kid at 11? Huh?

Anonymous said...

Isn't she a bit young to be a baby sitter?

Claudia said...

What does that comment even mean? haha. Wow. Oh and thanks so much for the happy birthday blog comment. :)

ZombieJesus said...

Makes me wonder who was stupid enough to have sex with her. Another fly in the gene pool.

diane said...

i swear that has to be the one thing i HATE about youtube---people that don't have a sense of humor!
keep making hilarious videos girl! i love them!

Anonymous said...

sissy9229495 Re: hello
you are right it is cunfusing and im 16.
Original Message:<-----------------

i messaged this sissy person.
apparently the person with a kid is 16. i thought that was an interesting tidbit.