Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Movie Game

Some of the best abbreviated film synopses from our journey home:

'Big boat, sinks.'

'Oil baron drinks your milkshake'

'Big green man'

'Swords that shine and go 'vsshhhh''

'young ladies aren't nice'

'tiny girl has fish for feet'

'retard, good at counting, goes to vegas'

'everyone's fat relative is in the Mafia'

'Undercover cop teaches small children'

Can you guess what movies they are!?
(highlight the text below)
Titanic, There Will Be Blood, The hulk, Starwars, Mean Girls, The Little Mermaid, Rain Man, The Godfather, Kindergarten Cop.


dlf420 said...

Titanic, and Rain Man

You got me on the rest!

Anonymous said...

nothing to do with this post.

but that new background on your paperlilies channel. -- better start giving away motion sickness tablets to subscribers ...

... and maybe a warning for epileptics

Johnston13 said...

Big boat, sinks = Titanic

Oil baron drinks your milkshake = There Will Be Blood

Big green man= Incredible Hulk

Swords that shine and go 'vsshhhh' = Star Wars

young ladies aren't nice= Jawbreaker (only cause I just saw it on tv, and it fits)

tiny girl has fish for feet= The Little Mermaid

retard, good at counting, goes to vegas= Rainman

everyone's fat relative is in the Mafia=Godfather (any mob movie)

Undercover cop teaches small children= Kindergarten cop

Anonymous said...

Darn, my RSS reader already showed the answers at the bottom.

Johnston13 said...
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Johnston13 said...

dah..... i didn't see the answers... heh... least i did pretty good...

butterfly2729 said...



the hulk

i thought zorro at first lol

Mean girls

little mernaid

rain man

the god father

kindergarten cop

Lee Christie said...

The ones I got correct were: Titanic, Hulk, Mean Girls (I effing love that film), and Rain Man.

Kindergarten Cop was obvious I dunno why I didn't get it.

maliknant said...


Kindergaerten Cop

The Aviator

Star Wars

Beautiful Creatures

Little Mermaid

Rain Man

maliknant said...



Anonymous said...

make a video!

NusaCat said...

I got Titanic, The Hulk, Rain Man, and Godfather. And if I'd actually heard the sound effect, I would have gotten Star Wars.