Thursday, April 24, 2008

International Friendship Day!

So my e-best friend forever, Kim, has been working really hard at her new job and college and she has a new boyfriend and so we never ever get to talk to each other anymore which makes me sad, but she sent me a looong email today and I wrote one back, and blah blah blah... but in my reply I said how I wish there was a friendship day, like there is mother's day and birthdays and all those sorts of things, but for friends! AND LO, THERE IS!

It's on the first Sunday of August! Which may mean we meet one another on International friendship day 08 if we do so just before 888 in Toronto (which we both plan to go to). It will be the first time we've ever met each other, despite being such good friends!

Anyways, this website has all these adorable friendship day tips, each one cuter than the last! Like 'have a sleepover!!' 'send your friend a friendship day card!' AARRGH it's so cute I can't take it!!


Claudia said...

I had no idea there was a friendship day! Yay!

Sunscorch said...

There's always Blorthog, too, which is an intergalactic festival of friendship ^_^

It's the 10th of January.