Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Diplomatic Immunity

Hahah my 'diplomatic immunity' video has met with some mixed reactions, as per youuzzzh. If anyone was wondering what the hell it was supposed to be, it was cause I was talking to my brother and he yelled 'DIPLOMATINC IMMUNITTTYYYYYY!!!!' at me (via MSN) in an inside joke sort of way and it made me LOL lots. It's a quote from Lethal Weapon 2. SO THERE.
Then the laugh scowl thing is another dumb thing we do.

It's my channel, naysayers!! I'll do what I want!! You're not the boss of me!!! *runs to room and slams the door*

Actually, on a door slamming note- when I was of the age at which door slamming would have been in my repertoire of things I would have liked to do, for some reason (I assume money saving) I had this kind of hollow door that was two sheets of plywood with a kind of cardboard thing sandwiched inbetween them. Thus it was extremely light and could not be slammed with any kind of satisfying slam-noise. A good tip for parents with horrible youths perhaps. Now I can slam my door but feel silly doing so. Nice move, mum and dad. You win this round.... but I'll be back! *plays Rage Against The Machine really loudly and gets no reaction out of anyone*


Goose said...

Thingy from Emmerdale was in that, and that other show with avid marion.

Dave said...

As much time as you spend globetrotting, why don't you just work toward your lifetime dream of becomming the British Ambassador to the U.S.? Then, you'll actually have Diplomatic Immunity.

We still reserve the right to expel you, though, if you get too out of control.

Jonny said...

I knew it was just a little joke and it made me laff too.

Don't worry about people who took it the wrong way, I thought it was funny.

Hema said...

are u stilll in ny?

Andy Pipkin said...

I don't like it

John said...

When I was in high school (12 years ago), my best friend and I used to say "Diplomatic Immunity" just like the guy in LW2 all the time. We just thought it was really funny how he said it. I just watched LW2 and I was searching for a video to send to him and found your video. Hilarious!