Monday, April 14, 2008

clarification for my last post

In response to the comments on the last post:

Uh... I didn't really mean physically sent things, I just meant stuff people email me, like pictures!

Sorry, anonymous commenters who love to jump on the Angry Train to Hateville. This was not an attempt to get free shit from people.


maliknant said...

I'm still planning on sending you a few interesting items via post. Don't let the trolls/haters/cowardly anonymous scumbags spoil the fun!


Anonymous said...

My adoration and gift giving is directly tied to how the dollar is trading against the pound and Euro. That's why I continue to come up small.

Eshniner Forest said...


Anonymous said...

And the voice of reason (or more reason) has spoken.

That stuff was getting to be awful creepy. Hateville's a lovely town to pass through for afternoon, though.

I've been thinking about sending you a McDonalds training video from the late 70's. Really weird and wonderful stuff.

Austincovello said...

So you can't send a cake over the internets? XD

Tony said...

"angry train to hateville" has got to be the funniest thing I've read in a while