Monday, March 24, 2008

The last of the comments from EZJ

I like the thought that I would be so angry about not being nominated for an arbitrary award by a website would lead me to be 'angry at god'.

He's that hardcore!! I don't know if that was written as a joke or not, but it made me think of a surfer jesus who says 'rad' and 'hardcore' and 'awesome' and 'tubular' <3

'I'm glad he's dead too'

I like this comment especially because it kind of confirmed to me why I did this contest in the first place and said it in better words than I could.

I do seem to have lost lots of subscribers, but such is life. I would rather have 5 people listen to be under no false pretences about who I am or what I believe than thousands of people listen to me thinking I am something I am not.

I do think it is hilarious that people are being so butthurt about it when I am posting something on MY channel, which is free for them to watch or not watch as they please.

I have no idea who this person is but I love that they made a fake channel called EasterZombieJesus!

I do believe in free speech, very passionately so, but my youtube channel is MY space. People can do what they want ontheir spaces, I have no qualms with that, but I should be afforded the right to delete comments if I wish to do so, when they are on my space on the web. That being said, I didn't delete anything here, and I came across this comment as is. It was just youtube's general crappiness which must've made it not show up. And the guy's name is da5h1t. 'da shit'. And they are getting all righteous?? Please.

I copied out this comment cause it kind of underlines what I actually feel in terms of religion. 'Magical soup and magical lightning striking magical mud to magically create living cells'. Why is THAT so crazy when a magical man using magical powers created the earth out of nothing in 6 magical days? Is it really so much more plausible? Hahaha. And the sentiment that Christians don't mock atheists for believing that. Surely thats what they just did, no?

And as for that actually being what I believe, I don't 'have faith' in that explanation of things, I just feel like it's really not that important to worry about. We are here now, and that is all that matters. I believe animals and humans evolved over millions of years. I believe that the 'big bang theory' is the most plausible explanation for the beginning of life, but I don't 'believe' that it is 'the truth'. I have no proof of what happened, and if suddenly some proof were to exist to say that it came into being because it was pooped out by a giant space-hippo, then I would believe that. I can't believe in things that have nothing to back them up, but I can discern between what is and isn't likely.


Anonymous said...

ahaha. these comments just made my day. I love how that one guy says that you're too stupid too deserve any comment and then leaves one. I guess his whining was just too important not to be heard.

austin said...

"Currently I WAS in the top 60 most subscribed youtube channels. I WAS up to about 48 at one time. Back in the day... when all this was fields..."

keep your chin up, kid.

wirrow said...

why am i so addicted to feeding ur fish?

ZackSmovies said...

In any event, nobody really claims that there was 'Magical soup and magical lightning striking magical mud to magically create living cells', anyway.

There's a pretty good video on youtube about some theories related to the origin of life:

AutomaticTLC said...

Yikes @ Rosebudofcane...I really hope that was a joking reply.

Ohh Paperlilies..always stirring up some kind of trouble on Youtube. Keep doing it.

Emma said...

Yeah I saw that video and despite being a Christian found it funny, it was also hilarious how angry all those comments got...I always find it quite sad that people have the energy to be so negative on the internet, if you see something you don't like, why don't you just click a link to a different page and ignore it? It really could not be easier!

Anonymous said...

Yay new layout! I think I liked the old banner image thing better though. It was prity. :)

Sonance said...

Ah, good ol' YouTube Comment Syndrome. I don't think there's a single video on YouTube in which one of its comments doesn't refer to either: a) theism vs atheism, b) Bush/America/The Iraq War, or c) sex.

Vy said...

Hahaha, these comments are hilarious. And if there's one reason I subscribe to your channel it's the sense of humor! Anyway, I don't feel catholics specifically are so respectful of others. They are always trying to convert you into one of them.

Amjan said...

Zombie Jesus Christ!!
I've had a great laugh the last couple of days.
I think that Zombie Jesus may soon become a great pop culture figure, as everything with that sort of satyric potential does.

Good job, Paper. That one's for U:

BadAlbert said...

Probably 99 percent of the people so up in arms about this will be americans. It's interesting how christianity in america seems to have mutated into this ultra fanatical and conservative ideology which is highly right wing and utterly intolerant. Of course you get that kind of zealotry, intolerance and bigotry, be it christian or whatever, the world over but the americans seem to have a brand peculiar to them. There's no arguing with that lot. Like the new design and banner too btw.

ZombieJesus said...

it was pooped out by a giant space-hippo.
damn lmfao

you make me laugh till my eyes tear up sometimes B

Live from heaven
"its the zombie jesus space hippo show"

Anonymous said...

"And as for that actually being what I believe, I don't 'have faith' in that explanation of things, I just feel like it's really not that important to worry about. We are here now, and that is all that matters."
So true:)

alexis! said...

BadAlbert was completely right. I live in America, and you honestly cant publicly say anything even SLIGHTLY anti-christian without insane backlash from people that claim to be "good" and "kind" christians.

real kindness is understanding and accepting the fact that not everyone in the world is going to have the same opinion as you. and wouldnt jesus want that?

it's just insane to me, because America was supposedly founded on the principles of freedom, but as soon as you say you're an athiest in this country, people are disgusted with you.

anyway, this blog and the EZJ video are both quite refreshing. it's nice to know there are actually reasonable people in the world, even if they're in different countries.

Anonymous said...

i think the english translation of the book was done quickly by the order of the king of england (i forget which period). and theres a book i want to get hold of called Misquoting Jesus.
its about a bunch of misquotes from the original Greek/Hebrew Bibles. for example the world was made in 6 days thing. the word "day" was a misquote, in the original greek old testament the word was more like "Eon".

why has no one updated the bible?

- alicia

Anonymous said...

Zombie Jesus loves the little children/
All the children of the world/
Red or yellow - black or white/
They all scream in perfect fright/

[or - as the US Military uses as a marching song in basic training -]

Napalm loves the little children/
All the children of the world/
Red or Yellow - Black or White/
They all scream when they ignite/
Yes, Napalm loves the little children/
All the children of the world/etc.

How is that for disturbing?

Quite a few citizens of the US are dumb as rocks and are looking for nothing more than the Rapture(TM) to come down and suck them 'up' to some ridiculous vision of paradise/ club med.

Since right-wing radio (i.e., Republican radio) is busy 24 hours a day telling them that the USA is the greatest country on the face of "God's Green Earth," they never think much and totally buy into the neocon propaganda - both political and religious.

Yes, they are truly THAT ignorant.

Here is an example. Being from the 'Bible Belt', it gets a bit tiring trying to date women who after a little bit of time let you know that "all women should be subservient to men" and "...that evolution is for the unbelievers."
They truly are Christian zombies and they want their women dumb and docile.

Furthermore, even now the Idiot Creationists here are STILL trying to convince people that it is in the interest of 'academic freedom' to include 'intelligent design' in science classes.

Last year, a judge while presiding over an ID vs. Science court case in Dover, PA essentially told them that they were complete fucking morons and that they had absolutely no reason to expect ID to be taught in science class. Having failed at that they shifted the field of play and are trying to make movies to support their fervent hope to combine creationism with science.

They even have a new 'Creation Museum' in Kentucky. Their tagline is "Prepare to Believe." The extension thereof, of course, remains an unspoken "OR ELSE."

Make no mistake about it. Unless Obama or Clinton wins the upcoming election, it is going to be Greed united with Massive Ignorance and Religious Fervor that will be in charge of the US military for the next 4-8 years. So, one can just add on to the 1 million dead Iraqis that have already been killed.

All of the terrible policies of the Bush term were allowed to happen due to the ability of the Greedy Business Types to get the Nutbar Religious Types to vote for them. These nutters claim to support peace and love, but they don't have any qualms about killing anyone who disagrees. Sadly, some of these guys are the 'contractors' in Iraq or Afghanistan. Mercenaries would be a better term for them.

Keep up the good fight and good luck to you all! Just be aware how dangerous these religious idiots actually are.

Eshniner Forest said...

I think you are a good person keep up the good work!! :)

Anonymous said...

I would care, but I'd rather not. Honestly it wasn't that fantastic a video. And I found the pictures too boring to endure even the first 5. You're wrong to insult these peoples' cherished icon, and they're wrong to insult you for doing it. Quite frankly, you're all just in a vicious cycle of pissing each other off. And people like me find it difficult to concentrate with you guys throwing bowling balls downstairs. You're all wrong so just give it a rest and someday you won't need training wheels.

Lee Christie said...

If anyone's actually offended by a little Zombie Jesus contest why not go bug Pat Condell and leave Bryony alone:

He cracks me up.

veniceknipe said...

Though it seems the motive behind this was to gain subscribers, I think its a good riddance! Now that you've filtered out all the Christian enthusiasts, you know that most of your 'fan base' doesn't mind a simple joke.

Anonymous said...

I guess badalbert hasn't heard of "Black Liberation Theology" that has been in the media every second of every day for the past two weeks. Fusing the teachings of Nation of Islam leader, Malcolm X, with Christianity, is the new Black--for Obama supporters. Not exactly right wing. On the contrary, it's as Marxist a denomination as exists in all the world.

Kill whitey and kill his God--how tolerant is that?


Anonymous said...

You used to seem like a sweet, moral, and intelligent girl. I am glad you opened my eyes. You've made me proud to be American.

Goose said...

These people are so crazy. I bet most have never read the bible, they just watched the passion of the christ a figured mel gibson must be right.

When you look at the history of christianity, theres some serious faults. In the middle ages there was a group called the 'templars', who were 'knights of christ', when they were'nt killing muslims they spent alot of money collecting all the christian artifacts they could, The Shroud of Turin and many others were discovered by them. After 200 years they had the monopoly on christianity, suposedly the secret of the Grail, until during there habitual slaying of muslims they found part of the 'dead sea scrolls'.

After that the people who held all the secrets to the creation of Christianity actually began to Denounce Christ within parts of there order and began worshiping the head of a woman and a 'god' (where Baphomet the goat came from, mostly BS) of scientific knowledge. Both summed there fate, Leaders burnt at the stake by the vatican.

Of all the people in the world, they were the least likely to turn there back on christ. The order dispersed and evolved in to Freemasonry, which alot consider evil to this day. Even though the founding fathers of america were freemasons, the logo is still on a dollar bill.

Thats my rant over, People have selective hearing on the history of there religion.

Scott said...

Yes, there are fundamentalist Christians in the US, and they do tend to be the most vocal, but that doesn't mean they are in the majority. They just happen to be the loudest. I have lived in both small towns and big cities. I currently live in NYC, but grew up in a small town in the Midwest and I have always been up front about my agnosticism/atheism and have never been persecuted or attacked for my rationality. Despite the stereotype of redneck religious types, America is still one of the most tolerant places on the planet.

Kanzaki said...

I'm French and Catholic and I think it's the funniest topic I've ever read! Thank You Paperlilies!

Anonymous said...

Aint sayin nothin bout no new music video ;)

Anonymous said...

I used to think so too, Scott. But seems like 911 has really caused people to have more radical opinions for and against religion. Americans have twice supported an administration that embraces right-wing conservative christian-based ideologies because of anti-terrorist propaganda. If you're not praying in the classroom, not only are you not a patriot, but you're probably a terrorist too.

Anonymous said...

Hey, Bry. It's Shane and I forgot my password.

These are my favorite types of blogs from you. Our views are extremely similar and there are loads of us out there. Too many children are taught that their parents' religion is the One Truth. So they naturally believe it, most likely forever, and will voraciously defend it 'til death. They so easily (and conveniently) forget their once-treasured belief in Santa Claus came from those parents.

Religion, not personal spirituality, will be the death of mankind.

Santa Claus '08!!

Chris Dianity said...

If your an open book you will get rid of all the deadwood and be left with just the premo subscribers like myself - Yes I do. Keep keepin it Real :)

Anonymous said...

Zeitegeistmovie stream

If you have the time and can get past the intro and dramatic license video clips before part 1, you may find some of it entertaining.

Anonymous said...

the destruction of babylon

Anonymous said...

lol..haters are nothing and we needn't even pay attention to them:) Art is Art and religion is religion, perhaps Jesus is proud that he's been chosen and redecorated by an artist:)
keep ur awesome works coming Bryonie:) design is gorgeous :):)

Isabelle (Bel) said...

Gosh! Noisy people!
I don't believe in God, but I do understand who believes but come one! You are not supposed to be AFRAID of him! If he is the "all-perfect-and-good" then of course he wouldn't care if we make fun of his "son", and we are all his "sons" after all. Besides, we are having fun, I know that you don't hate Jesus or you are not trying to offend him or anything like that, just having fun! And what would be better for Jesus or God to see that humans are enjoying life?
Come on! Life is a big Joke, you are supposed to like it, not to think everything is a sin.

Bryony, you are very creative, congrats.

Anonymous said...

where are you delicate little lilyness has the meaness of others become too and you have perhaps fled and hid your sweet delicate overl y sensitve little child self from the cruel and crushing world that threatens to cruelly crush you sweet lilies. poor delicate sensitive little flower that you are. do run do not hide oh little lily cometh back from whence you have so timidly secretted your wee self and bring back you decorous dispolliations verily now

Austincovello said...

On my to-do list:

Leave dumb comment on Paperlilies video; hope it gets posted on her blog.

Anonymous said...

one day when your (rich and) famous and youve had everything tweaked and tucked and implanted and suctioned and stitched etc you are going to take a look at that pic you think is so fab-u- lous darling that youve got stuck at the top of this blog and just about anywher else you can stick and realize what a rough looking little fuckin' boof 'ead you really were

some other person said...

You need to fuck off, kid.

Anonymous said...

Where's lillies...

Need a fix...

Been too long..

Need.. vid... |ß

║ Dead ║
║ Guy ║

Uncle Nigel said...

Here are some things about Bryony which you may not have known!

She snores.
She was an extra on MI5.
She sleepwalks, but contrary to popular belief, she does not sleepf&%k.
Giving her an indian burn on her left bicep causes her to orgasm.
Her other car is a tricycle.
She once thanked a man from saving her life by kicking him in the balls.
Every time she clips a toenail she involuntarily curses.
A pancake is neither a pan, nor a cake.
While volunteering with the Peace Corp for a year, a small village was saved from dying of thirst by drinking her drool as she was sleeping. She was never credited for this courageous act.
Clowns piss her off.
People who talk at the theater do not.
She used to have a poster of Don Knots above her bed.
Because of a terrifying wobbly wheel incident as a child, grocery carts scare her.
So do handi-wipes.
Despite having a high aptitude for solving partial differential equations in her head, she cannot grasp long-division.
Polka-dots freak her out, man.
Her left temple is prosthetic.
Recent archaeological evidence has found that ancient pygmies created lilies out of crocodile dung as a yearly offering to the star god "Po"
It's actually Molly that envies Bryony.
She can benchpress 230 lbs at 25 reps.

Anonymous said...

Can I just say that not all Christians are 6 day creationists. Some of us believe in the big and all that as being, as you say, the most plausible explaination.

And we are not all just out to convert you.

I am sick of being subject to other people's stereotypes about my religion.

I thought the video was a bit distasteful, but I don't like zombies. They freak me out.