Wednesday, March 05, 2008

time is hard

My most excellent Canadian friend, Calli, AKA Theslyestfox, sent me a link to this video (see below) and was ranting about how stupid youtube commenters can be, asking what time the 4pm PST interview this guy was doing was going to be in their time.

this is the comment she posted:

"Dear everyone who commented on this asking what time 4pm in San Francisco (Pacific Standard Time) is in their time zone,

It's called "the internet". Ask it. i would hope that you know how to find information on it by now, considering that you somehow managed to know enough about it to not only find youtube, but to make an account, find this video, and post a stupid question that could be answered by ANY search engine in about 2.3 seconds.


I find it especially mind-boggling because I would have thought that people would know what the time is on the coasts of their OWN FUCKING COUNTRY. I mean even I know that NY is 5 hours and SF is 8 hours behind UK time.


Anonymous said...

This site is good because you can sort it by continent, country, time zone etc.

You and the Fox give people way too much credit. In the U.S., for instance, and I'm sure it's not much different in other countries, a shocking 31% of people can't even name the Vice-President of the United States.

If you ask people to name the two U.S. Senators from their State, the percentage who don't know rises even more dramatically. If you ask them to name the lower House member who represents them in the House of Representatives, you'd be lucky to find 10% who know the answer.

Of course, this is just one small exemple.


Anonymous said...

You are sharp as a tack. :-)

I use the clock widgets on my computer to keep track of all the time zones including GMT and some eastern markets.

Anonymous said...

EDIT: example.

Anonymous said...

Funny. You made me realize that I know what the time difference is between the American East coast, where I am, and the Europe time zone where Paris is, but I somehow don't know what the time difference is between the east and west American coasts. Sigh.

Chicago said...

Does anybody really know what time it is....

Chicago said...

25 or 6 to 4:00...

Bach said...

....but then in comes Daylight Savings Time and I'm all confused again.

Goose said...

Thats a fair one, people who use youtube can use google, there just asking for the sake of asking.

vclamp said...

The comments page for that video is:

Chicago said... , have you ever seen "Haiku Tunnel" (2001)? It has some good sight gags, and some workplace humor fans of Miss Lilies would probably get. :)

Jesse Owens 1936 Berlin said...

Only a highly educated and brilliant mind such as yours can really come up with the criticism necessary to make these people understand just how stupid they really are! It also helps everyone see how infinitely better you and people like you are than such complete idiots! (sarcasm... this is sarcasm) Not that your point is unreasonable, but you seem to often love to point out the very worst and least that you can find. Maybe you blame the people rather than the environment or community and social structure, or likely lack of social structure which produced such DEFECTIVES. Perhaps everything is biologically based so maybe Malthus and Ernst Haekel were right and the superior races should take PRIDE in who they are and their circumstances. (sarcasm again)

Anonymous said...

lol..PL just think back to your maps parody...Time and geography knowledge among the general population...well enough said.

Anonymous said...

The fox is correct but she is also an angry, angry young lady.

Kimberl(eigh)y said...

haha! You always have to ask me what time it is where i live though :p

roygbiv said...

Ha! Yeah.

Does pointing out the mental short-sightedness of others make you feel any better?
I wouldn't call them retarded; they're just commenting impulsively and being lazy. Ok I'm sure there's some stupid in there. Haven't looked at the comments, don't really care.

Comparing time & politics is kind of a stretch.

roygbiv said...

I don't mean it to sound high'n'mighty. I used to get harsh on people who talked to much who wouldn't stop and think for a second instead of relying on someone else to think for them.
Like yes, for people who could simply google shit they might already should know. So yeah, in that it's like "google, you lazy bastards"
but for people who think Friends is real, I mean that's not about intelligence, that's delusional, I don't think it's worth getting worked up about people who have those kinds of deficiencies.
I'm not judging, I just got to a point where it's not worth getting pissed off about certain types of people, but I do get worked up about people who are capable of thinking for themselves and just being lazy, depending on the extent, we all have our moods/season/s quirks etc.
Still, google you lazy bastards.