Monday, March 17, 2008

SXEPHIL account hacked?

As much as I have my little beef with Phillip DeFranco, my heart fell when I saw his channel really had been hacked into and/or deleted.
He might be kind of a douche, but he is/was using youtube the most efficient (if soulless) way someone can. And I don't think anyone deserves getting hacked into. In any event, it's fucking shitty, and I hope it resolves itself. I have no idea if youtube have some sort of partner channels backup type thing (I really doubt it) but if it really is gone, I hope it can come back.


Hema said...

UMM HE ALREADY GOT HIS ACCount back.. he said he talked to the guys at google and its fine now .. he still has all the subscribers but i think he had to upload all his vids again. i dont know if u saw the vid on his other channel but apparently that night his account was signed into by ppl from canada to mexico...

Anonymous said...

you have a "little beef " with sxephil but then you say your "heart fell when I saw his channel really had been hacked ".

that is bullshit.

a more philosophically sound atttitude is if you have an enemy then maybe you desire their destruction.

or alternatively

dont hOLd a Grudge against someone FOREVER!

Anonymous said...

internet panhandlers, e-begging etc
its all disgusting get a life get a real job find a shred of decency disgusting pig

Leon Westbrook said...

He is a bit of a douche, I don't like or care for his vids. But you don't hack into someone's account.

To anon: Bryony and others don't like his work on Youtube. It DOESN'T mean that we are against someone personally (unless of course Phil actually does something to hurt someone IRL)

I'm sick and tired of people on youtube confusing actual criticism as hate. For christ sakes we aren't like football supporters who take things personally.

BTW Bryony, have you seen Pablo?
He's been going for a while.

Lindsay said...

Hey Bry,
It's Lindsay (bgirl5). Yeah it sucks that his account was hacked...again for the second time in 4 days. This time his myspace and gmails were hacked:/ Thankfully youtube and google have been great about getting things settled, but myspace doesnt seem to care:/

Hope you're doing good!

Anonymous said...

The Paperlilies doth protest too much, methinks.

Aren't there any more dresses?


bikenik said...

Paperlilies comments regarding Sexphil are perfectly legitimate from her point of view. She is right to be concerned about Phil's account because what happened to him could conceivably happen to her channel too.

Then it is perfectly reasonable for two content providers to have differences of opinion in terms of the artistic merit of the other.

The only BS here -in my opinion - is from anonymous...