Thursday, March 06, 2008


I actually saw this ad a week or so ago, and immediately wanted to make a video about it encouraging everyone to take photos of security cameras, which I could maybe make a video out of or something, or just generally to be a nuisance.

Today I decided to go oldschool and look on again (ie, everything on google reader had been read) and there it was again (of course posted by Cory Doctorow!)

Aside from the obvious Big Brother insanity of the police state we seem to live in where everything anyone does gets recorded by these faceless cameras, and the general creepy paranoia that the government seems to want to perpetuate amongst the hapless population (fearmongering etc etc blah blah), I think that this comment on the boingboing post sums it up perfectly:

"Even more fun, is that they're asking you to report people who are taking pictures of CCTV cameras.

If only they had some sort of device, perhaps an automated one, that could observe people remotely... perhaps an entire network of visual recording devices that would work like television, that could be monitored by a government employee at a central location, all hooked up to a special circuit, a private one, "closed" if you will..."


Goose said...

We hardly live in a police state do we, i mean the police dont even have the power to touch you without athoroisation, let alone send you off to aushwitz. Inside a military camp is a police state, and the security it offers is relaxing.

I dont agree with hateing cctv, if you get robbed or raped, thats your defence. Im not scared of cctv, because i dont intend or have ever commited a crime.

Speed cameras are a different story!

Anonymous said...

yes...make the's needed more than ever.

SuperJV said...

Except the threat is real.

BadAlbert said...

I had that idea myself, taking photos of cctv cameras, but hadn't got around to it yet.

--N-- said...

Haha, London.

I had to write an essay on "Big Brother Britain."

C'est tres ennuyeux.

bikenik said...

I heard a radio interview with a professional photographer in London and he said you can no longer take photos of certain buildings for fear of harassment or worse from police.

Tube and train stations are definitely off limits to photography.

Good luck with taking photos, you may end up having your camera confiscated.

Anonymous said...

Anyone who believes there's a real terror threat is a complete dimwit.

No one who's ever read a book or knows anything outside what the 6 o'clock news tells them believes this garbage.