Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Open Prison

This computer doesn't have photoshop and so this picture is a pretty hard to see recreation of the awesome 'adbuster' kind of thing that I saw on this billboard today.

It says:
HMP London
Open Prison
ID Must be Carried at all Times

(HMP stands for Her Majesty's Prison, what all prisons in the UK are called)


Eshniner Forest said...

Woah thats slightly scary!

Eshniner Forest said...

Now that I look at it again it looks like someone off the streets sprayed that on wall. The govt would not place such a black and white image / message on a billboard. It looks like something out of 1984. Still slightly scary.

Metube_Not_Youtube said...

I absolutely love this photo. This is why I need to get out of Fargo so I can do things like this. I need to take pictures of dirty places with interesting people God damn it!

NusaCat said...

Until I get a spaceship, this world is my prison!

Anonymous said...

Lets you upload and edit photos online for free!

works in Firefox on Mac/PC/Linux with cookies on.

roGER said...

Many of us would find Fargo an amazing change too!

Perhaps you could arrange a house swap for a month or so???

Sion Thomas said...

Hey, I've just come across you on the internet blogg lark, seems like you've got it working for you.

HMP LONDON, Open prison.

Very funny. I escaped back up North. However, every city as soon as it begins to repeat its self is at Her Majesty's plessure.


daniel said...

There's a good one up by Clapton Pond, I'm going to use it as a starting point in a secondary school lesson tomorrow.

maliknant said...

The whole ID card idea is expensive, illogical, disturbing, and certain to be ineffective. Labour has lost the plot.