Sunday, March 16, 2008

Mememolly and me

I met up with Molly who was around town in London for a day, and we made each other try on fugly dresses in Topshop! It was fun!

This dress was £65! Hahaha, it's so fucking ugly!! What the hell were they thinking?!? There is no redeeming feature to this dress. It was so Startrek Alien Race- looking.

Also, check out the neck thing? What?

This was a salmon peach ruffle-front satin dress. I don't know what this pose is called.

This dress was about 2 sizes too small, and had an attached belt? I liked the sort of 80's estate agent look to it.

This looks kind of nice here, but it's not actually good IRL, as it seems to have a kind of under-tube, and then some sort of curtain thing over the top of it? It was sort of ok, but in a 'this would maybe be cool 3 years ago' way. Also the colour was so boring-mauve.

This dress looked cute from this angle only, from the side it was so funny and huuuge!

I said Molly looked like a praying bee in this picture, and then my brother later said she looked like Bee Mario!

This dress was so much like an easter egg! and seemed so lame, but I kind of liked it when I put it on. In an easter clown way. It made me feel like I was the most wholesome girl ever. Check out the ginormo-bow!

This thing was so lame! It was just a yellow sock that you wear all over your body. It was fug.
This dress was so amazing. The picture just doesn't do it any justice!! It was loads of ruffled layers of really bright flower print satin, and had a racer back, in bright pink satin fabric. It was so mad, but this picture makes it look kind of toned down. In real life, it was an eyesore.
Molly picked this dress.

This dress- WTF. It came with that necklace, which had bright red PVC heart things on it, and then the front seemed to have come from an early 90's girl's nighty. It had a twee kitten thing on it, which had been embellished with sequins. Above and below the image was 'what is it about my miaow that you don't understand?'
What is it about this shirt that makes any sense at all?

Also check out my Mumm-Ra face in the first picture I took.
Then before we parted ways at Oxford Circus, we took a myspace photo.


Simon said...

While they are various levels of odd, the sequined cat thingy looks like the sort of thing I saw confused girls wearing in Japan to get attention. A cat with a tie is pretty classy, but the polka dots make it seem...

NorthlandSouthland said...

I think 80's Estate Agent works.

Eshniner Forest said...
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Eshniner Forest said...

Ah Topshop! I heared one of the guys on The Mighty Boosh mention that once in a joke.

You 2 are too cute. Even if those dresses are oddballs in their own right, you 2 make them look good! MemeMolly is ocward / funny in a good way & you both look like your having fun! :)

Anonymous said...


purple and yellow.


Claudia said...

Oh my gosh, those dresses are fantastic!! hahaha. How fun!

Anonymous said...

Live Long And Prosper.

Anonymous said...

Purple ne plus ultra.

BenLoka said...

Pleeease turn these photos into an 80s movie-style montage sequence! It needs to be done =)

Molly said...


SuperJV said...

that was fun. the video of you guys in the Regent st store was fun too :)

NusaCat said...

Are you saying you're not the most wholesome girl ever?

Goose said...

I agree, the 80s estate agent definatly works.

JJC1138 said...

The yellow flowery one would've been quite nice without the bow.

Eshniner Forest said...

You have the look as if you just hopped off a time machine, from the 1920's. Its cool!

Anonymous said...

yeah, the first one does look a bit old Star Trek from the 60's or maybe something the girls from 80's band B-52's would have worn. Anyway v. retro-future

Sparrow said...

Those dresses are shocking! :-DD

lapa said...

Coimbra, April 23, 1975.
"A few days ago, during the homily of Sunday Mass in a parish church in rural surroundings, the priest spoke to his parishioners about the forthcoming elections for the Constituent Assembly. Launched hand of the parabola to be better understood and told them:

-- "My dear brothers in Christ: suppose that one of you is owner of a dairy cow; if socialism wins, the brother takes the cow, but will have to give the milk to the party, if the communism wins, we will stand without the milk and without the cow. .." "

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

funny little plumpling bints

Simon said...

I had to smile when I saw the title of this and split mememolly's name up a bit:

"Me me molly and me"

Oh Bryony, all "you, you, you"...! :o)

cheekychen said...

jesus, it took me long enough to scroll through all these dresses, I can only imagine how long you must've been in that godawful shop for.

I got lost in there once and had to live off haribo for 4 days solid.

Anonymous said...

Hey Bryony

That red and white dress looks good, get that one!

bikenik said...

I just have to smile when I see that bright egg yoke yellow dress. Too funny.

The 80's estate agent outfit looks more 60's Parisian working girl to me.

Austincovello said...

You might disagree, but I think the one that was "two sizes too small" actually looked pretty good on you.

dlf420 said...

I saw these on your flickr page and thought they were all nightgowns.
BTW Nice myspace pic.
The pretty one is on the left.

dlf420 said...

I saw these on your flickr page and thought they were all nightgowns.
BTW Nice myspace pic.
The pretty one is on the left.

jaded_conformist said...

the 2 sizes too small one -- yes, please!

Tom Harle said...

I would totally wear that first dress.