Saturday, March 01, 2008

Kafka On The Shore

This book makes no sense to me. I wanted to like it, but I just wanted to reach into the book and smack Haruki Murakami so hard. It's so vague and non-explanatory! It just gives you all these open ended things, and the characters are driven in a strange way that the reader isn't informed of. You have no way of accessing it, it's just reading a bunch of unlikely characters doing nonsensical things, with no logic, and no rhyme or reason behind them. There's no motivation behind anything they do, it's all like they've got some fateful duty that they know they must fulfil which is never explained!

Anyway, I will probably read it again cause I liked it when I started reading it, it just kind of tapered off for me into 'why is this happening? None of this makes sense.' Like I missed the decoder page or something.


Anonymous said...

sounds like a description of real life.
maybe you are supposed to do what people do in real lfe, just make the things up you dont know anything about or dont understand.
this would create a unique result for every reader ... quite interesting concept!

Christopher said...

I knew I had little chance of understanding the story the second Colonel Sanders turned up.

Anonymous said...

Are you a fan of Murakami? The Wind Up Bird Chronicle is my favorite book of all time... did you like that one?

Callianne said...

really?! i think kafka on the shore is one of my favorite books, ever! you should totally reread it because i think it's totally fantastic, and it deserves a second chance!