Monday, March 10, 2008

Got me hoppinnn

As you may notice from the little audioscrobbler thingy over on the right there, I have been obsessed with Spank Rock lately. I got it from, which is so awesome if you like electro dance beat music or whatever it is. I do. It has a ton of awesome free music you can just download from it. I LOVE IT.
Thanks Pzottolo for telling me about it!


Anonymous said...

My am fisrt to make you commnet. Not spank to you Youtube because to you make bad woman and to you my am be buestiful to amreican woman to not bad go to no not you God for you ank family. Msake to you to good for nice woman and t o you man for good way. Best to you.

Thamk youp

austin said...

^^^better than I would be in another language (benefit-of-the-doubt).

Bryony, consider a video of you dancing??

tejayce said...

i really enjoy all your posts .. haha .. this is so much fun. thats some nice songs over there. i am listening to electro dance stuff omg!
gosh .. lol .. i wonder if you will manage to post something i dont like some day .. :P
i mean .. i already liked the doll you bought .. and the shoes you posted ... lol .. how much more unlikely can it get?!

Anonymous said...

It's been so hard to find free music like this! Thanks bryony i'm gonna love this site!