Wednesday, March 05, 2008

G-Solz is back?

OG Youtubers will remember the ray of sunshine that is Greg Solomon. Well he seems to be back!
THIS VIDEO IS SO FUCKING WEIRD! Its like a hyper realistic sim!

Note, I love the expression Too Bad So Sad, Go Tell Your Grandad. Hahaha, that's awesome.


Eshniner Forest said...

I have not heared of this guy but hes a bad ass, in the good way! I like that he calls his videos "Video Tapes". Funny with Ha.

Anonymous said...

I used to have an instructor that would say that all the time--"Too bad, so sad". She was the cutest and nicest little old lady you would have ever met. She was visually impaired and wore these super thick glasses and had a gigantic magnifying screen for her computer monitor. But that never stopped her from doing anything, she did her own home repairs and this one time she purchased an 8 foot section of rain gutter and brought it home on the city bus and did the repair herself, can you imagine that? She was the coolest.

Goose said...

Reminded me of those bin laden videos that come out every couple of years.

I have not seen his other videos, but im sure theres a reason for the pipe, other then coolness.

Anonymous said...

This man clearly missed his calling. He should have been a Batman villain or, alternatively, a World Wrestling Federation Manager.

I appreciate his psychosis. After all, who could dispute that his diet of cigars and black coffee leads to good health and overall vitality. My only regret is that I didn't smoke a big fat joint before watching this pearl of wisdom.


BadAlbert said...

He's back with his face and pipe to right ancient wrongs, and stuff.