Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Easter Art Competition 08 Rules!

I know you all think that easter is the time of year when a bunny suffering from acute giantism roams the earth popping out multi colored eggs, but it actually is about something a little deeper than that. That's right, it's also the time when zombie Jesus comes back to life to terrorize young children with the threat of eternal damnation. Before you go around acusing me of religious intolerance, just realize that I agree with zombie JC. Which is why I am sponsoring an art contest to commemorate this joyous occasion.

What I want: Recreate in any art form zombie jesus coming back to earth. You can include reference to other easter symbols, like easter eggs, baby chicks, bunnies, whatever. There is a lot of free reign on this art competition, just know that your main subject must be the precious zombie jesus. Any visual art form may be used, do not ask me in the comment section if paper mache is okay, because it is. Performance art is okay, painting is okay, photoshop masterpieces, anything you can imagine. As long as you make it, I want to see it.

To enter, email a photo that best shows your artwork to easterzombiejesus@gmail.com by this coming Friday, March 21st, 12:00pm central time. You are welcome to post a video response but you still have to send a picture to the email!
If your submission is not submitted by that time, you are still welcome to participate, but will not be included in the video to be uploaded Sunday, March 23rd, on which voting for the best artwork will take place. There are no exceptions to this rule!

The winner will recieve a customized easter basket sent to you, and of course a paper lily.

Good luck, and may zombie jesus be with you on this special day!

-Any visual art form acceptable
-Due by Friday March 21st
-a jpeg image best representing the work to easterzombiejesus@gmail.com.

special easter basket mailed to your house or PO box along with a paper lily!

Good luck!


Anonymous said...

You're weird...

Anonymous said...

I love this idea XD

austin said...

Why the acrimonious feelings for the Lord of all Creation?

Ironic that someone who finds so much freedom, pleasure and expression in the Arts would have so much rancor for Christ, being that he has been the motivation for some of the greatest pieces of art that the world has known.

Anonymous said...

You said, "Friday, March 21st, 12:00pm central time."

I take it that's Central European Time rather than Central Daylight Time.

And, was it by design that the deadline is on "Good Friday"? That's wicked!

MEG! said...

Damnit. i just want to be a little arty for this one. All i want is the paper lily! BARGH. Well.. i'll try. we'll see.

tejayce said...

zombie jesus. i do burst into a twisted kind of giggles each time i read, hear or thing that.
you just made my day .. maybe week :P

and the way you did the vid really worked well with zombie jesus .. hahaha. well done! not to forget the post here ... i love it all. the whole attitude and everything. a wonderfull way to stage this event.

BadAlbert said...

I'm in. BTW CharlesTrippy is trying to get in on the yawning action. Blatant rip off. He got over 1500 comments so far. Maybe he should gimme a fiver...

JC on a PopsicleStick said...

Open up your heart to Jesus Lilies and you will find salvation. Amen

Hema said...

omg i hate drawing figures as in anything remotely close to the human form. =[

i wonder if i can make one thats graphic-y

ZombieJesus said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
ZombieJesus said...

I feel I have a good eye for art but not the talent to create it.

I am sure I will thieve up something.
Zombie Jesus Lives !

Anonymous said...

click-click, click-click.

I can hear your Christian fans un-subscribing. It's ok, pape, everybody's got a little 'strange' in them.

Eshniner Forest said...

its on!

manyonerise said...

You rock! Great fun.

Anonymous said...

Let me get an Easter Basket without participating.


Anonymous said...

Zombie Jesus....come on Paperlilies, this idea is just plain and simple Lame. Dumb. It's the kind of idea a sixteen year old with too much time on their hands would suggest.

Johnston13 said...

Wow.... This contest has created a shit storm on Youtube. I find it funny... Christian’s like to prosecute others for ideals that don’t follow with their beliefs, but soon as anyone says anything about them, all hell breaks loose.....


Anonymous said...

I was joking about losing subscribers, but damn... you sure lost your top 50 slot pretty quick.

eigentourist said...

Allow me to clarify a point or two, if I may.

I cannot speak for others, but the comments I've personally made on this matter are not at all an objection to your beliefs. Neither is there any question about your right to say whatever you please. These things are fundamental human rights, after all.

My point of contention is over the nature of the contest. By doing this, one is encouraging quite a few people to create a caricature of a sacred image, and offering a reward for doing so.

Now, one can claim that this is only a harmless bit of humor, and certainly many indignant YouTubers already have.

I would offer, however, that it's more than that. The image of Christ is a symbol of tremendous meaning, and altering it into a caricature is a symbolic action. Inevitably, it conveys a denial of the things that image represents, and by implication, the promotion of their opposites.

So for better or worse, this contest is not simply an art exercise: it's a philosophical and spiritual declaration. Intentionally or no, it throws a gauntlet onto the field in much the same way as the famous "blasphemy challenge."

For the record, however, no response that deals in condemnation of you as a person, or in the assassination of your character, is in accord with authentic Christianity, and knowing that my first comment was rather sharp, I should take the opportunity to apologize for it here.

Be well,

Anonymous said...

I think things will get worse on this issue once the video with everyone's entries is posted. Something about actually seeing all the images.

Free speech is free speech, but it doesn't mean there aren't consequences. I don't think some people here are looking at the long-term effects, not just Zombie Jesus, but the idea of doing or sayin' anything you want and basically telling your subscribers to f*** off if they don't like it.