Monday, March 24, 2008

British news videos

SO I can't sleep! I went to bed not tired enough and just lay awake thinking about things. I have decided I want to make some sort of British news-based things, snappy real-news stuff. I figureI can read the paper on the way to and from work and work out what I want to talk about, then write it when I get home or during lunch and try to film it after that. I want to give it a try atleast. I have had the urge to emulate Zefrank's videos somehow but never gotten round to scripting something out. I never EVER script videos so it's really against the grain. Also I can never think of what material I would write about. Anyway, that's an idea I was thinking about. And as I can't sleep, why not document it before I forget it in the night!


Eshniner Forest said...

This is a good idea. It would be cool if you could get an interview or 2 in their as well. Like the word on the street, with Marlo the waitress or Bill the bus driver. You could dress up as these addtional characters. It would be fun. :)

Kev said...

Maybe you should do a weather segment to go with it, can't have news without weather. Also maybe a british sports bit, like the 'Over 85's Mens Bowls' team results, we all know how exciting that it!

tejayce said...

kev got me an idea .. weather..why not! ... how about you rant about the (cliche) "bad weather" and the forecast of even more to come ... but you would have to wait for a very sunny day .. and sit infront of a window ;)

the idea to talk about stuff on the news is great. you can make fun of things, discuss them seriously .. etc .. endless options .. and endless topics ;)

hope you got some sleep in the end ;) .. i didnt sleep at all tonight :/

manyonerise said...

It's a good idea, and you should try it and run with it. I wouldn't mind hearing more about the goings on there, as YouTube is very American News focused, probably because the British Vloggers simply don't speak much about what's going on in their own country. Don't know why. I would find it interesting! A+