Monday, March 31, 2008


This weekend, me and a bunch of friends went to Brighton. It was so awesome!! Callianne (aka theslyestfox) came too, as she was in London from Canada. It was me, Calli, her friend Kett, Chris, Marek, Laura, Dan, Ela and Teddy, people I know (from real life!!!!1!) because of University in one way or another. Some people only stayed for a day and some stayed longer. It was rainy and cold for most of Saturday, but Friday and Sunday were kind of nice, so I feel bad for the people who came on Saturday and not the other days :/

Anyways, the pictures tell a better story than I am up to (I'm ill today!) so here they are:

Thursday a bunch of us stayed at Chris' house so we could make an early get away the next day. A girl called LauraMatsue (from myspace) came, she drank a lot of vodka and made Chris a bracelet out of hair! She was fun and kind of insane. My brother came too, as did Jeannie who is awesome.

I didn't take any pictures that day except this one of the evil gingerbread men! evil gingerbread men

First you eat them... then they eat your soul!!!!

The next day we didn't get up til 1.30, when Alan had to get to college. We tidied and posted up the Exquisite Corpse pictures we'd all drawn the day before. I think Calli might have photographed them, in which case I will try to post them another time. It's that game where one person draws the head, another draws the body and another draws the legs and feet of a character. Then you unfold it all to reveal the hilarious creations. We managed to leave at about 4 or something. We picked up Kett from the station, and then me, Calli, Kett and Chris drove (stupidly in the Friday rush hour) to Brighton.

DSC00019 DSC00018 yay brighton!! DSC00016

We played a game me and Alan worked out a while ago wherein you have to invent a person. We made up the game to create characters for a film we wanted to make. It starts with a person asking 'What's their name?' to which the person has to make up a name, then everyone asks them questions about this person like how do you know them, what do they look like, where are they from, what hobbies do they have, etc etc. Anyway, that was fun for a while.

We stopped at a service station just outside of Brighton and bought these awesome Teenage Mutant Ninja turtle digital watches!! We all got one, but unfotunately Kett ruined it by getting a second Leonardo watch instead of whatever the red one is called. *s

We eventually got to brighton and checked out our excellent hotel. We had left it kind of late so we'd had to stay at a rather posher hotel than we might otherwise have done. Calli and my room was super nice! It had a balcony from which you could see the burnt out old pier, and had a sofa and armchairs and a TV we never turned on. We all dumped our things, and we went out to eat, after which we went to this 'Chachi' bar (Calli and Kett's crazy canadian name for one of those drinks-promotion, bad pop music, stag and hen-do, drunk girls crying kind of places.) It DID play bad pop music, but it was the bad pop brand of music which is actually awesome if you get drunk and dance to it. Maybe we were ironically having fun, but we were having fun nonetheless. Marek came in on the train while we were in there, and so after that we went to an offlicence, Kett bought 'Champers' (this was its actual name) and we all sat on the freezing cold beach and watched the waves not 15 feet from our cold little bodies huddled together on the rocks.
Disabled This was inside the bar (oh!! It was also called 'Kulture'. HAHAHA) I noticed how Calli was sitting infront of the Disabled toilets door which amused me because I am 9 years old.

DSC00030 DSC00032 DSC00029 DSC00026 DSC00034 DSC00036 DSC00037 This was supposed to be a myspace picture but Chris didn't get it so was just looking 'moody'.

Oh! I can't believe I almost forgot!! We went past this tiny burger shack place. I am sure it was a combination of the alcohol and the many forms of bacteria most likely present inside it, but I bought the greatest tasting burger of all time there. It was a cheese burger with onion on it. And my GOD it was amazing. I think perhaps there was a little garlic in the onion? Anyway, it was glorious. It. was. glorious.
And they had this thing inside there!

We went back to the hotel and played spoon guitar for a few hours, not going to bed til it was crazy late. Spoon guitar is where you bounce a spoon on the guitar strings instead of plucking them. I also sang 'Faith' by George Michael.

The next day, Laura and Dan came into town on the train, and we all went to the lanes, which is where all these Camden-like shops are. It was much nicer than Camden though, for sure. Ela and Teddy came into town on their motorbikes!! We went to a nice bar called the White Rabbit, where we built a castle out of flyers, and found one for 'an eighties night' that night at The Barfly, which we decided to go to (like idiots!).

the conjourer DSC00040

the evil african baby
This thing was in a doll/teddy bear window, and we were kind of scared by it. We decided it was a real african child who was made to stand in this shop window, and therefore had such a scary face.

After that we came back to the hotel and changed for the eighties night. Me and Calli made our hair more 80s and big eighties makeup, and Kett and Chris put eyeliner on. Noone else did!! Lameasses!! My hair was HUGE. Unfortunately it was raining and really windy, so we did the best we could to not ruin our awesome hair. We went to this fancy burger place for dinner. I had a bacon avocado burger (I really like avocado lately), and had chili sauce and garlic sauce on the side. Now, I really LOVE garlic, but this stuff was like a bomb of garlic!! I was a total garlic wafter the entire evening!! The sauce was really fucking delicious though. The chili one was great too!! I love sauce!! Oh also there was this crazy giant wall of light that changed colour intermittently, which I quite liked.

avocado bacon burger DSC00043 the big tomato company Kett and the glow wall

We made our way to the Barfly for this 80s night, where, despite it just opening, and supposedly being £4 on the door before 11, didn't even OPEN til after 11 (scam!), making us stand in the rain for no reason. We called a 'fuck this' and went to find a pub.
outside the lame 80s night stubby fingers and big hair DSC00052

It was an awesome old pub that had a ton of little old tins stuck on the wall, in which were little notes that people had left in them!! The idea is that you open them and read the notes, and leave your own ones. We played a couple of games of Exquisite Corpse again, and put them in, and also added some things to other notes. It was really cramped and small, but I found it quite charming, so I'm glad we went there. I noticed a weird shaped mole on chris's arm, and asked what was up with this weird mole. Then I rubbed it and it came off and I freaked out!! It turned out to be chocolate. Then we all had Chocolate Mole, to the tune of Chocolate Rain in our heads for the whole rest of the trip.

tins with notes inside DSC00054

At about 12 when they called time in the pub, we went back to the Barfly for the 80s night, and were confronted with a bad funk guitar type of band that went on forever. It was one of those bands that are clearly never going to 'make it', and inbetween spending time decorating with their long term girlfriends who patiently wait for them to get the fuck over their 90s rock-dream, and a quiet office job, rehearse every weekend and play monthly gigs at some local pub whilst nursing their paunches with beer. There was one guy sat on the steps who was clearly their biggest fan, he knew all the words, and headbanged to each of their boring songs.

They sucked ass majorly and more importantly, were so not 80s. The place seemed to be full of stag and hen do's. There was a hen party of women dressed as 20s flappers, and a group of men dressed as Robin, with one guy dressed as Batman. It was lame. I played tetris on my phone til they finally stopped raping my earholes.


The place then proceeded to play random dance music. This was also not 80s in any way shape or form. I don't get why they thought it made sense to call this an '80s invasion'. In short, I hate whoever put on this night of lies.

The ceiling was cool looking though.

This is us having a good time in a club:
catalogue man DSC00059
We eventually made our own amusements of drawing on ourselves. If we hadn't paid £5 and had anywhere else to go (and weren't under the erroneous belief that whatever was on next was bound to be more 80s, if only by the law of averages than anything else), we would have left. But instead we did this:
DSC00062 DSC00063 DSC00064 DSC00065 DSC00067 DSC00068 DSC00069 DSC00072 DSC00073 DSC00071 Fuck this

Eventually we left, and stumbled through the rain and wind to the hotel. We stopped off to buy vodka and juice from some shop (I always buy crisps at this kind of moment. This time, I was looking for walkers lites, but they didn't have any. I opted for Ready Salted, Steak and Onion, and Cheese and Onion flavour Walkers crisps instead, just to round off my dragon breath.)

On the way we went past a bunch of graffitti mural stuff, this said BORG <3> DSC00077

Back at the hotel we ate and drank and didn't play guitar cause we'd been told off for it the night before.

DSC00079 DSC00080 Spoon Guitar DSC00082 DSC00083 DSC00078

Then we slept. The clocks went forward that night, and we had to get up at 11 to check out, so we got some ridiculous amount of sleep, which noone is even sure of cause of the clock change. It was something like 3 or 4 hours.

We got up, checked out, and went to the pier.

DSC00084 DSC00085 DSC00086 DSC00087 DSC00088 Turbo! uf uf DSC00093
This place seemed to be from Spain or France or somewhere. The Disney characters were all making weird sounds (according to their captions), like 'glub glub' and 'uf uf'.
Team Waste!! DSC00091 DSC00095 DSC00096 DSC00097 We are cool DSC00101

We then made our way back to the restauranty places, I had fish and chips atlast, and we went to an icecream place called Scoop Crumb (I had chocolate and raspberry sorbet, it was heavenly). We went past the Pavillion, and Calli told us about how the guy who built it had a room with two special doors, one was the food door, and one was the woman door. This became hilarious as we all went way too far with the joke (Chris called us extremists because everyone kept taking everything to an extreme because of how we'd all go one step further with every idea we had).

Brighton Pavillion

Then we went home!! We played a different game on the way back where you have to describe a movie in as short a way as possible, without referring to any of the actors names in the film, or using any of the words from the title. It was really fun! Kett won cause he can talk so fast, and I guess cause he has superior film knowledge, being at RADA and all. And I lost because I was keeping score and take ages to get things anyway.

It was such a nice time!!I had so so much fun! I hope everyone else had a nice time too. I think Laura and Dan might have had a kind of lame time cause of the stupid weather and that night of lies at the Barfly (the barf-LIE!!), which I am sad about. Otherwise it was happy times and I am so glad it all came off like it did- I never organise things ever, so I am super happy that this worked out like it did!



Anonymous said...

You took cool photos:)

Claudia said...

Some really great pictures! lol @ the disabled toilets and scary doll. :)

roygbiv said...

No stuffed animals won?
Red is Raphael.

Simon said...

..."one of those drinks-promotion, bad pop music, stag and hen-do, drunk girls crying kind of places"...

I love this description! The kind of place that can be great fun or the worst place on earth depending on your level of intoxication and who is with you.

Chris said...

I still can't believe that I have never been there. Whenever it's the time to go to the seaside it always ends up being 'Southend'. Anyway I enjoyed reading about your trip. There was some really cool pics in there, even the failed myspace

Hema said...

looks like u had a good time..i never pegged u as much of a drinker.. my rss feeds aren't being updated fo some reason..just thought id put that out there..

JJC1138 said...

I'm amused that Laura Matsue is insane in real life, and not just on the Internet. I had a brief crush on her when I first discovered YouTube.

Looks like a fun weekend. Get well soon!

Eshniner Forest said...

Neat! I like the happy vibe!

Austincovello said...

Somebody already said that Red is Raphael, so...

Orangy-yellow is Michaelangelo.

You look good in 80s hair.

alexis! said...

i love trips like that! i love the pictures that always come out of them - they're always fun.

also, im crazy jealous of those Ninja Turtle watches. i might have to go online and find one. im not sure which one i would get...i've always been exra-fond of Leonardo for some reason.

anyway, good times! sounds like loads and loads of fun.

WildbillthePirate said...

Sounds Great! I liked the hand-eye pics Haven't gone out for real fun for a while- too busy being an Adult, paying bills,running an Election and keeping my name out of the papers. Cheers!

BenLoka said...

Yay! Looks like so much fun! I love eventful weekends like that! It's so wierd because I was gonna go to Brighton for the day this Sunday but ended up going somewhere else - would have been so funny to bump into you just randomly on the pier!

Two Leonardos?! Impossible, you can't have two leaders

NusaCat said...

Nice story, even if it took me a minute to figure out that Offlicence = Liquor store.

Anonymous said...

o, i git it.

DaleATL2 said...

Loved the scary doll and the Big-haired Bryony! (Which, of course, are two TOTALLY different things! I just wanted to make that clear.)

*e-smile and virtual hug*

Nora said...

i live in brighton! what hotel were you at, just out of interest! i agree with you, the barfly is just one big pile of disappointment! :)

Anonymous said...

i was looking through the pics on this post and suddenly felt incredibly sad and sorry for everyone to the point that I teared up. for pics of people enjoying themselves. people I don't even know. some kind of strange epiphannil (sp?) moment? the receiving of mana from someone in the pics? a projection of my own personal hopes and fears onto these semi-anonymous others? anyone relate similar experiences? explanations?

Anonymous said...

calli's a looker ...

... are the two of you intimate with each other or "just friends"?