Monday, March 10, 2008

Avoiding Leaving The House

Monday's predominant weather is forecast to be Heavy Rain.


vclamp said...

Rain in London? How can this be! Well at least it is above freezing.

Keep warm & dry.

Hema said...

oh my fucking god. u have no idea. i got up like an hour ago and i decided i would go to school despite the freaking isane weather.. i got half way to the bus stop and turned back. i was completely drenched.. (wore pumps.. not good..) and my umbrella was being a dick coz of the fucking insane wind.

Goose said...

The forecasts were right about wind and rain. All the trains just take the chance to mess up, so you buy a £7 travel card that you can barely use. Its going to be windy here again tonight. Supposedly on the coast its like 85mph winds and flooding. At least in London iv only got to be scared of trees falling on me.

Al Gore said...

It wouldn't rain in London if you didn't use petrol which causes global warming which causes unusual weather patterns. Btw, while youre reduced to your house for the next week, enjoy using my internet.