Sunday, February 10, 2008

PIctures of my face

I did my eye makeup fancy a few times recently, so I took photos of it. I stole the idea from Kim


Sometimes people email me about what kin dof makeup i use (?!). Well, if I had one reccommendation, it would be MAC Bare Canvas eye primer. It's this base stuff you put on your eyelids before you put eyeshadow on, and it makes it stay FOREVER! It's really great, and you barely need to use any. It comes off fine with a bit of makeup remover.
The above pictures I had a sephora yellow gold pencil on the insides of my eye-corners, then a bright green colour froma Nars duo, which is called 'Rated R' (cheesy name). Then on the outer bit I used MAC 'Stars 'n' Rockets'. I used this blue eyeliner my mum gave me for christmas, made by Barry M on my top lid, and a glittery turquoise eyeliner on the bottom lid, also from my mum at christmas from Barry M.

Gosh, all those sound expensive, and were, but I don't have THAT much expensive makeup. I kind of feel like it's ok to buy expensive makeup if you actually use it, cause it's right there the whole time, the first thing people see! So you want it to look nice.



This time I used the blue from that Nars duo thing, and a paler mauve MAC eyeshadow, called Beautiful Iris. Then that blue eyeliner thing I think. Both times I used just this Body Shop free gift mascara, though once I had a sample Chanel Inimitable mascara which really was amazing.

Thus concludes this really girl blog post.


crazy-gabrielle said...

It looks fantabulous, especially the first one.

12 year old girl said...

WOW.. that's just like how I do mine!

roygbiv said...

You rock.

(and roll.)

(all night long.)

(and if I were ever to (but probly not) glam up for a performance some time, you should do that to me. Also, I like women.)

Sparrow said...

I love the mauve eyeshadow...

ZombieJesus said...

The yellow is cool even if I thought it was camera messing up a few days ago.
But I am glad I am not a woman and have to do all that.

ZombieJesus said...

The yellow is cool even if I thought it was camera messing up a few days ago.
But I am glad I am not a woman and have to do all that.

hannah said...

wow .. really pretty colours and blending and stuff! i wish i could do that

Squigg said...


You have such mesmerizing eyes!

You've heard it a million times, but I have to say, once more, you are absolutely beautiful.

I'ma gonna steal that pic and do some artwork with it....I'm sure you won't mind...since I've done it a few times in the past with photos of yours you may or may have not seen.

butterfly2729 said...

Barry M and MAC are tha best! I love those Barry M pencils :D

diane said...

i really love that second purple/blue eye makeup look. so pretty and fun!!! p.s. your eyelashes are a mile long. i'm so jealous!!!

Anonymous said...

thank you for posting these pictures, but I think you have interesting looking nose..

sweetie_candykim said...

I really like thte first picture