Monday, February 25, 2008


I got up at 3 pm today and have to work tomorrow, which sucks because it will be hellish getting to sleep tonight and then getting up tomorrow. But anyway, I really want to see the Oscars! I jsut like the beginning where all the stars come out in fancy clothes! Damn you, time zones!

Hope it's fun. So far I haven't seen anything more than the few things posted on, like Miley Cirus's lovely red dress. I don't even like or know her, but her dress is really cute.


roygbiv said...

I usually don't watch the Oscars anymore but have this time; I was surprised to see the 2 from Once play one of the songs, and then they got an award! And during the speech when it was the lady's turn, the music came on right before she opened her mouth. Fortunately after the commercial she came back on to give her thanks. Right on!

I'm just rooting for No Country to get as much as possible.

Cornelius Prime said...

3:00pm!!! you are one lazy girl!

Goose said...

Im glad i didnt stay up for that, everyones saying it wasnt so great anyway. But im sure they say that every year. It might of been because of the writters strike.

But then again most movies that run the course are not understood in there time.