Sunday, February 03, 2008

My Trip to the Dogs

Last night I went out for my friend's birthday. We went out to Walthamstow Dog track! It was SO much fun! We all put bets on, I usually picked either the one with the least bets on it, or the one with the funnest name (Irate Kate, Girl Next Door, Begin To Hope, Centaur Fuzzums)

Check out the beautiful neon!

Inside the stadium/track or whatever it's called




This thing is pretty confusing, it has a ton of numbers that relate to odds, money that's been bet on these dogs, etc.


This is where you put bets on. The minimum you can bet is 10p! Mostly I put bets on of £1, except the end where I ran out and bet 40p.


I had scampi and chips! It wasn't that great.

This is everyone who was there outside the stadium, where we waited for a bus to get back to the train station

While I was on the other side of the road taking this picture, these guys decided to also get in it. They also wanted my coat and hat (it was freezing and I had a (fake) fur coat, leather gloves, a woolly hat, scarf, I was snug as a bug!)

This is Aidy, Laura and Dave on the bus.

Then once we went back on the tube, we went to this club/bar called The Social, where a guy called Rowdy Superstar ("spelled properly because I did my GCSEs!") who was amazing and insane! He had a gold sequinned hat and a purple sequinned jacket thing, and had a track about haters on myspace. Also he danced around like he was being electrocuted!

This picture sucks but check out his myspace I guess (If you want to hear some base heave grime)

Then we walked around for about 15 years before we found aplace playing cheesy music, where I drank more and then made everyone take myspace pictures with me.

No offence Aidy, but.... this picture looks way better like this


Kimberl(eigh)y said...

You're so praddy <3

Dave said...

You better get out your statistics textbook next time. The English are supposed to be skilled speculators, not gamblers.

On the bright side, you did look mighty pimpettish.

Speculating, pimping, food, music--that's about as good as it gets.

ZipDudeAh said...

Glad you had a good time Bryony. And you're right, the pic does look better with just two chicks in it sans the guy. :)

Anonymous said...

I guess your betting strategy didn't pay off? :-)

butterfly2729 said...

Half of your pictures are not showing up :S Even after it's loaded (before the jokers come in!!)

...'like omg' you're wearing the Palestinian scarf!!!

I hate how they become 'fashionable', changed to different colours and no one knows what they stand for. I have the real one through hehe :p

My poor Palestine...grr, those foolish jews!!

bikenik said...

The dog with the fewest bets are generally the slowest dogs. It is a race...

JJC1138 said...

Can I have a million creepy-stalker points for noticing that you're wearing that nice zigzag top in those pictures?

Rburkwood said...

Pity they're closing the dogs soon, it's going to be houses apparently....

Anonymous said...

You have a pretty friend. :)

ZombieJesus said...

Yeah Aidy is good looking hehe

roygbiv said...

Coolest sauce packets evar...
The food looks nasty though.
And I'll take some creepy points over here for saying you look great in the zigzag:)

ZombieJesus said...

God I can't help it I hate asking questions that probably will not get answered.
BUT.. I looked at this a few times is that yellow eyeliner ? or just the camera.NO offense not even saying its bad just not sure what to think about it lol at first I thought it was the camera yellow jaundice thing hehe
Then it kind of was strangely attractive. Its late im tired sorry