Saturday, February 02, 2008

Live blogging (or whatever) My Viewing Of 27 Dresses

So I though I would watch this movie. I have to admit I didn't expect it to be good, so I had a one star rating in my mind. However, after viewing it, I would go so far as to give it one and a half, or even TWO stars. It's that good.

Below is a chat log from me and Kim from when I was watching this masterpiece:

23:23:15 bryony: dude this 27 dresses is like the worst pirate version ever
23:24:46 bryony: aww
23:24:56 bryony: shes being 2 bridesmaids on the same day
23:25:05 kimberleigh: haha
23:25:06 bryony: now someone is in the way again
23:25:07 kimberleigh: it will get better
23:25:08 bryony: ugh
23:25:10 kimberleigh: mine sucked too
23:25:12 kimberleigh: but it gets bette
23:25:20 kimberleigh: there is like 10 minutes total in teh whole thing that are really bad
23:25:51 bryony: i wish i had friends who will have big gay weddings and let me be a bridesmaid
23:26:29 bryony: i vow
23:26:36 bryony: to never reach for the bouquet
23:26:59 bryony: this is my solemn vow
23:27:45 bryony: the doctor guy is cute
23:28:06 bryony: who wears a thong as a bridesmaid?
23:30:03 bryony: is this the guy who fancies her friend?
23:30:08 bryony: hes cute and
23:30:32 bryony: they always do that in girl films where they argue and then it tirns to lahve
23:31:39 bryony: why are the guys in these things always fucking writers
23:31:51 bryony: its like they are the creative city guy
23:32:22 bryony: kooky best friend, check
23:32:40 bryony: im totally only going to post this on my blog
23:32:59 kimberleigh: i know!
23:33:02 bryony: ill delete all those parts where you said all those bitchy things
23:33:03 kimberleigh: they are
23:33:04 bryony: haha jk
23:33:08 kimberleigh: hahaha
23:33:12 kimberleigh: our chat log?
23:33:19 bryony: yeah
23:33:24 kimberleigh: oh god
23:33:27 kimberleigh: what did we talk about
23:33:29 kimberleigh: ahhh
23:33:35 bryony: haha dont worry i wont post it all
23:33:43 bryony: just my 'live blogging'
23:33:48 bryony: omfg
23:33:52 bryony: this is sooooo hackneyed
23:34:05 kimberleigh: okay aya
23:34:08 kimberleigh: hahaha
23:34:11 bryony: *rolleyes*
23:34:13 kimberleigh: hahaha
23:34:17 kimberleigh: he will!
23:34:19 kimberleigh: AND HE DID.
23:34:20 bryony: cynical editor boss
23:34:21 kimberleigh: there
23:34:27 kimberleigh: it's the girl from american office
23:34:31 bryony: chy-eck
23:34:32 kimberleigh: yaya
23:34:54 bryony: whos george?
23:35:27 kimberleigh: her boss guy?
23:35:28 bryony: oh that guy
23:35:37 bryony: i dont like him
23:35:41 bryony: he just came in
23:35:43 bryony: he has a big dog
23:35:44 bryony: hahaha
23:35:48 bryony: that makes me not like him
23:36:14 bryony: awe
23:36:23 bryony: you can tell she likes him and hes totally oblivv
23:36:27 kimberleigh: yeah!
23:36:28 kimberleigh: haha
23:36:37 kimberleigh: i've never had a huge crush like that with someone that didn't realize it
23:36:41 bryony: i love breakfast burritos!
23:37:07 bryony: oh i do that all the fucking time
23:37:08 bryony: its like
23:37:10 bryony: my life
23:38:16 bryony: aww, and we all hate her sister
23:38:17 bryony: hahaha
23:38:22 bryony: 'its so tiny and cute'
23:38:40 bryony: 'mom was my age when she got married'
23:40:51 kimberleigh: how old was your mom?
23:40:53 kimberleigh: mine was 26
23:40:57 kimberleigh: the first time
23:41:05 bryony: 21
23:41:34 bryony: whenever i mention someone rich
23:41:35 bryony: shes like
23:41:39 bryony: is he good looking?!
23:41:40 bryony: or
23:41:44 bryony: do they have a son?!
23:41:48 bryony: ha ha
23:41:52 bryony: real funny ma
23:42:30 kimberleigh: haha
23:42:33 kimberleigh: that's how my mom is too
23:42:34 bryony: eww her sister is so fake looking
23:42:37 bryony: like a realdoll
23:42:56 bryony: awe
23:43:00 bryony: i like the other guy
23:43:28 bryony: he's kind of weird looking
23:43:50 bryony: aww Katherine Heigl is cute
23:44:25 bryony: aw he;s so awkward cute
23:44:35 bryony: its soooooooo fucking obvious how this will workout
23:44:45 kimberleigh: ahahha i know
23:44:50 kimberleigh: but it's cute
23:44:51 bryony: they could atleast have made him not obviously already hot
23:44:55 bryony: like
23:45:04 bryony: give a fat guy a chance in a film like this
23:45:05 bryony: cause
23:45:10 bryony: why wouldnt she jump that?!
23:45:15 kimberleigh: haha
23:45:16 kimberleigh: because
23:45:19 kimberleigh: she's in love with the other guy
23:45:24 bryony: oh yeah
23:45:33 bryony: HOW PARALLEL TO ME
23:45:34 bryony: hahaha
23:45:44 bryony: i hope she drinks loads
23:45:45 bryony: oh
23:45:46 bryony: fine
23:45:51 bryony: she went home
23:45:56 bryony: be a punk lady!
23:46:05 bryony: she should have gone to the bar and got laggard
23:47:11 bryony: i read a review of this and it said it was so formulaic, and that they should give out a checklist as you go into watch it
23:47:22 bryony: to give you something to do cause its so boring
23:47:29 bryony: haha
23:48:51 kimberleigh: hahah
23:48:51 kimberleigh: it is
23:48:51 kimberleigh: but it's cute
23:48:51 kimberleigh: they have cute lines
23:49:11 bryony: pshh
23:49:17 bryony: everyone loves the skank one more
23:55:27 bryony: this is so stupidddd
23:55:37 kimberleigh: hahaa
23:55:38 kimberleigh: i knowww
23:55:41 kimberleigh: but it's cute!
23:55:44 kimberleigh: she's so prettyyyy
23:56:22 bryony: shes eating loads cause shes sad
23:56:49 kimberleigh: aweeee
23:56:53 kimberleigh: have they met yet?
23:56:56 kimberleigh: her sister and the guy?
23:57:23 bryony: yeah they just kissed
23:57:37 kimberleigh: ugh
23:57:39 kimberleigh: BITCH
23:58:26 bryony: hahahahah
23:58:34 bryony: omg that fake proposal thing
23:58:35 bryony: hahaha
23:58:40 bryony: SHES NOT THE ONE
23:58:41 bryony: hahaha
00:06:13 kimberleigh: :O
00:06:18 kimberleigh: NOOOoooooooooooo
00:06:18 bryony: what?
00:06:19 kimberleigh: ooo
00:06:23 kimberleigh: i was reacting
00:06:26 kimberleigh: how she would feel
00:06:26 kimberleigh: haha
00:06:27 kimberleigh: or somethign
00:07:52 bryony: hahaah
00:09:18 bryony: aww hes so cute
00:10:56 bryony: yayayyy
00:10:59 bryony: omg montage!?!
00:11:05 bryony: theres gonna be a montage?!
00:11:09 bryony: i love montages
00:12:35 bryony: i would love to be in a theme wedding
00:13:00 kimberleigh: my brother was when he was a little boy
00:13:38 bryony: its not faiiirrrr
00:13:42 bryony: i want to be a bridesmaid
00:13:53 bryony: I want a reason to get dressed up for once in my life
00:14:04 kimberleigh: you''ll be in my wedding
00:14:08 kimberleigh: if i ever get my happy ass married
00:15:06 bryony: yay
00:15:15 bryony: ill wear whatever you want me yo
00:15:17 bryony: *to
00:15:57 bryony: omg
00:16:04 bryony: her sister is such a fucking bitch
00:17:10 kimberleigh: i know
00:18:01 bryony: hes like a less good looking but younger version of torchwood guy
00:22:28 bryony: oh no
00:22:30 bryony: aww
00:22:45 bryony: hes twigged that she likes stupid george
00:23:53 bryony: i bet they get stranded in the car or some shit
00:24:49 kimberleigh: hahaha
00:24:51 kimberleigh: or whatever
00:25:02 bryony: omg
00:25:04 bryony: tick
00:26:17 bryony: and theyll stay at a motel and there will only be one room
00:27:01 bryony: hahahahhaahaha
00:27:08 bryony: they like the same thing at weddings
00:27:09 bryony: hahaha
00:27:13 bryony: jesus christ
00:28:58 bryony: aww this is cute actually
00:29:03 bryony: their singing
00:29:53 bryony: MOMENT
00:30:01 bryony: awe
00:30:12 bryony: and then that stupid thing will be published and it will all be ruined
00:30:46 kimberleigh: ALL FOR NAUGHT
00:30:47 kimberleigh: D:
00:32:08 bryony: hahaah
00:32:19 bryony: its SO predictable
00:32:21 bryony: awe
00:32:29 kimberleigh: haha
00:32:32 bryony: they never eat in movies
00:32:33 kimberleigh: there are only so many love stories
00:32:36 bryony: they just shake salt on
00:32:37 kimberleigh: the rest are variables
00:34:35 bryony: yeah but this is soooooooooo predictable
00:36:56 kimberleigh: i have to go
00:36:58 kimberleigh: byeee
00:37:00 bryony: aweee
00:37:02 bryony: :"(
00:37:03 bryony: bye
00:37:04 bryony: :)
00:37:06 bryony: have fun
00:37:07 bryony: <3
00:37:10 kimberleigh: i'll be back probably
00:37:15 kimberleigh: as my plans seem to have fallen through
00:37:16 kimberleigh: gh
00:37:18 kimberleigh: okay bye
Changed status to Offline (00:37:20)
00:38:25 bryony: ohh snnaaapppp
00:38:26 bryony: haha
00:38:32 bryony: yay she stood up to her whore sister
00:38:38 bryony: you arent here anymore
00:38:40 bryony: but i dont care
00:38:45 bryony: ill talk to the walls!
00:40:05 bryony: i love the way they use her eating food to signify her pain
00:40:15 bryony: because only irrational crazy women EAT
00:42:31 bryony: hahaha slideshow
00:42:34 bryony: Pwned
00:43:30 bryony: hhahaha Pedro
00:43:41 bryony: could he have a more stereotype name
00:43:48 bryony: is his surname Sanchez?
00:47:12 bryony: PDAs come in boxes
00:51:42 bryony: oh shes getting rid f the dresses
00:51:45 bryony: CLOSURE
00:51:46 bryony: hahaha
00:52:03 bryony: she should atleast take them to a charity sho[
00:52:07 bryony: *shop
00:54:11 bryony: wtf
00:54:16 bryony: dont kiss george!
00:58:21 bryony: why dont people think of cynical as a good trait
00:58:25 bryony: psht
01:01:04 bryony: aww
01:01:08 bryony: if i ever get married
01:01:15 bryony: i would have flowers from my garden
01:01:23 bryony: not some stupid sphere of flowers
01:02:45 bryony: she better watch out for his lazer eyes
01:03:20 bryony: awe
01:03:38 bryony: and then they grew apart and got divorced
01:03:43 bryony: the end


Austin said...

Nathan said...

there should be a checklist for chickflicks like you mentioned.

One might exist already but I'm too lazy to check and if I found it would have no use for it

but it's an awesome idea

WildbillthePirate said...


I'm all for going to the Movies but if we went & you talked this much all through the film-I'd want to Strangle you! Were you two furiously txting? Watching a boot? I barely see any posts by Kim,was she X-Rated? Inquiring Minds want to know. . .

ZipDudeAh said...

It's kind of hard to tell with you Bryony. Did you like the movie...or NOT? Should I see it or Rambo? :)

About marriage. You never know. Dreams do come true. ;)

Anonymous said...

people who actually read that. you are chronic terminal LOSERS! and it is much too late for you to get a life LOLOLOLOLOLOL

to wildbilltheprostate said...

you talk shit

bri is not paperlilies name. its bryony ergo shorten it (if you must) to Bry

you talk pointless shit

enquiring minds could not care less about that post

you talk pointless shit that no one cares about

you read that post - you are a pathetic, pathetic loser. no doubt a fat tired middled aged virgin or someone who has been married so long they have forgotten what life (and their dick) is for

you talk pointless shit that no one cares about - nobody including paperlilies give a rat's arse about your fucked up little thoughts

your comments are always the same depressing monologue that no one (except me for some perverse reason) is reading.

and what is it with calling paperlilies "Bri "?- do think that is going to make her try to track you down and when she has found you she'll drop her panties and fall on back legs akimbo begging you "on please wild bill the prostate do me do me do me do me like the big fat flaccid smelly delusional gimp you are"

fuck all mighty. if you can't get a half way decent life. at least spare the rest of us the depressing underwhelming banality of the one you have.

Goose said...

haha, the anonymous guy comes along talking absolute crap, just as predictable as that movie by the sounds of it. Its insane how they use the argument 'its a pointless waste of time reading that', when they came to this page knowing full well that they dislike what paperliles is about. Isnt that much, much more pointless?

As the song goes, "if you dont like what you see here, get the fu*k out".

Hema said...

aww i shouldnt have read it, i wanted to watch it. =[

lejaders said...

Honestly I didn't have the attention span to read most of that..

WildbillthePirate said...

This is not the place for your displaced angry posts. If you have an issue with me, come leave it on my blog. Click the link and spew your(most likely self-discriptive) venom. Oh, that's right,you want/need to remain Anonymous, after all it's the Internet and you can say whatever and hide.

You don't like my posts-Don't read them.