Saturday, February 09, 2008


I just watched Juno. Mostly because people kept telling me to. I resisted cause i hate doing things people tell me to.

I guess it's kind of like Ghost World in that its about a teen girl who every teen girl who watches it thinks they're like, or wishes they were more like. These films I love but also kind of hate how nomatter how individual I feel like I (or anyone is/was), it's so easily sum-uppable by giving them a room with random things stuck to the walls and a weird phone. I guess that's the reality of it though. We all like to think we are individual and cooler than we ever will be.

In all, I did like it, it was nice. I doubt i will watch it again as it made me cry (I'm crying right now even).

Ps, before you say it, my e-fast starts this monday. Not yet.


Austin said...

Juno's dialogue annoyed me, and the fact that Dwight Schrute was only in the movie for 5 seconds ruined it for me. I liked Jennifer Gardner's character though.

rburkwood said...

Well if it made you cry, that's a good thing.....right?

There Will be Blood, now THERE's an amzing film, just saw it tonight; absolutly captivating (now there's a word I don't use often!)

Davidhok said...

But what about your e-fast!!,,er oh I just read the last line.Oops!:)

j/k that was all fake. Yea Juno sort of impressed me but my favorite part was the beginning with all the animated stuff. Im like is this girl really as cool as the beginning animation seems to express. She reminded me of the girl Boh3m3. Just his style of expression.

Little Miss TBA said...

It made me cry too and I love the credit song. ^^

I'm surprised that you cried for this movie. I mean, it's kind of unexpected that you would cry during a movie. Or is it just me? ^^

WildbillthePirate said...

What's an e-fast? You only eat things beginning with the letter E? Eggs,Eggplants,Elephants etc... or will you just be taking a few days off the net to go keep your head on straight?

SuperJV said...

i'm thinking of going on said fast. but man, it'll take discipline.

ZipDudeAh said...

I just saw Juno. Twice in a row. People have been saying I should see it but I was not ready yet to understand what it had to say. Certain things had to be in place before I could see it. I finally did and I LOVED it! The character who was Juno's boyfriend was sort of a...dork. The guy seems weird (esp wearing those awful gold shorts). And Juno. What can I say? What an AWESOME character. So lovable and sweet but yet can be tough and in your face. Ya gotta love that! The character played by Jason Bateman was a real sleeze. And Jennifer Garner was so fantasic as the mother to be. My eyes watered at the end. But I understand why they had to give up the baby. This movie has got to win some Oscars!

Hema said...

omg i soo wanna watch it.
i wanted to watch it since the ads came out before everyone was like its soo awesomee u have to watch ittt

Amjan said...

During your e-fast, you should make a blog entry about e-fast and watch YouTube videos related to e-fast. This will make your e-fast even more e-fast.

Stephanie said...

HAHA my dad cried during the movie! and he denied it! I was RIGHT THERE! I saw him crying haha!

when juno left that note for jennifer gardner at the end the yellow one, he was like thats so sweet and he was crying hah a!

I didnt realllyy cry tho just like one tear when jennifer(GAWD I FORGET HER CHARACTER NAME!) saw the baby in the nursery! aww!

supersissy said...

Hello again dear Paperlilies,

Before you go on your "web-fast" you might like to tell us a bit about what being on Youtube means to you. Out of all the people I've seen on YT and I think I must have checked out nearly every channel in the top 100 and then some, you are the most intriguing and you seem to have made somewhat of a success of it on virtually a non existent budget - from your room in your parents house no less! - AMAZING! - I'm contemplating going on youtube(or maybe Livevideo ) but not too soon so I'm not going to be leaping on there next week or tomorrow or anything but I am thinking about it and on some sort of level I kind of relate to what you are doing. So I thought you would be the best person to ask.

What made you take that leap to put yourself out there like that?

Where do you get your inspiration and ideas for things to talk about and do on YT?

How did you become so successful on youtube and has it made much money for you - directly or indirectly? (I'm asking this because it may influence my decision to some extent not because I want to know how much money you are making)

Could you live independently on that money?

Do you think it is worthwhile or should I maybe look for other ways to project myself into to the world?

Have you ever danced with the Devil in the pale moonlight?

ps you still have not told us were can we get a blythe doll?

Please give your answer sincere consideration. You will have my sincere gratitude.

<3 ss

Amjan said...

@ supersissy
Don't ask me why, but you need an e-fast too.

Anonymous said...

Thanks to good blogs i've gradually lost interest in spending endless hours on the internet. But even though i'm really at the other end of the spectrum now, i'll still do the e-fast as i'd like to know what effect it has on a low end user.

Happy e-fast to you - if there is such a thing!

Ps. I've already been on a sort of semi-e-fast, so total abstinence now probably won't be as hard as true cold turkey may be.

Pps On the off chance that you're not aware of the kind of impact that you have, it's been a steep learning curve at times,but YOU have helped to make a real difference to the way that i think and feel about some serious issues. It's been more than a pleasure to find someone so like minded in many ways and i can never thank you enough for the insights into myself and others that i've gained as a result.

Anonymous said...

such a funny video that any youtuber can appreciate

roygbiv said...

I was disappointed in "Mr. Cool" ending up a douchebag, especially because it was to be expected and you'd hope he might actually be cool, until they're on the couch.

I wondered if Juno and the Virgin Suicide sisters would get along if they hung out, or if they would eat her up (I think I picked that up from a Nathan story)

I just saw Paprika, you should check that out if you haven't seen it.

Enjoy essentially fasting from anything fun on the internet.
Should be easy if you're not going to be in your room. It feels good.
Freedom. Liberation!

Anonymous said...

I really enjoyed this movie! I rarely cry... and this one made me! It also has an amazing soundtrack.

roygbiv said...

I just watched Lars and the Real Girl and my eyes may have gotten a little moist somewhere in the middle of it.