Monday, February 11, 2008

Chinese New Year in Oxford St, London

As you may know, it's chinese new year. I was in London visiting a friend, and afterwards went to central london to brave all the italian tourists and buy some jeans I wanted (I also visited the Swarovski crystal shop- it is so awesome!!!). On the way back to the underground station, I took these pictures on my phone of the lovely chinese lantern things that are up over Oxford Circus. Most lovely! :)




supersissy said...

ummm ... yeah ... ok ... that's fine ... alright ... what. ever.

supersissy said...

remember! ignoring someone is a form of abuse!

Goose said...

Who are you talking to, and ignoring someone isnt a form of abuse, sexual, verbal and physical harrassment are forms of abuse, ignoring someone is quite the opposite.

I dont see how people could hate London, its much more culture then most cities in this country, i would say that, but its definatly truth beyond biased opinion.