Sunday, February 24, 2008

Be Kind... rewind

Yeah so I know I made that short post about being back and all, but I hardly posted anything this week. I feel a bit clearer-headed about how i feel about the internet and being 'a part of it'. It's like you have to keep feeding into it to get returns, which can be fun, but it is ultimately very draining. I feel like I am a little clearer about what I want to do, and why, with the internet (ie, mostly youtube, but maybe elsewhere online) from now. I want to do fun projects that kind of 'use' (not in a bad way) this asset of e-fame in some positive way.

Or... whatever happens to come into my mind. I started doing online stuff cause it was fun and interesting and something new. The weird efame thing came along and i got swept up in it a little, and felt like I needed to keep up appearances for it, and feed that beast, which can be fun, but it is so competetive and hard to keep up. I feel like I have gotten as much out of that as I can, mentally or whatever. So now I feel like I want to just do whatever I damn well please whenever I damn well want to. Which is dumb to say cause I know that's what most people do online. It's more what I don't do or say that I want to change. I avoid posting anything I think might be too incendiary because I worry that it will offend or fuck things up somehow. It's daunting.

Uh.... Anyway, today I watched Be Kind Rewind, and it made me long to make videos. It was a fantastic film in my opinion, and it really inspired me to want to DO something creative purely for the fun of doing it and entertaining yourself, and others too.


Tucker said...

Did you watch the movie online? What about Juno and 27 Dresses?

I suck at finding stuff online, and I can never find pirated movies or whatever.

Anyone got some suggestions to where I can find them? Thanks.

Hema said...

u know the thing about making home movies and renting them at a video store was copied from the amanda show on nickelodeon years ago?

Tucker said...

I noticed that too hema.

Anonymous said...

Even my humble e-fast was a bit cathartic and gave me a great sense of freedom on day six. And it's good to feel the ease that comes with the new perspective that the e-fast can give you.

Ps Even though my e-fast bears no comparison to anyone as tied into the internet as you are, i still wanted to know what a six day e-fast was like: On days one to five i got lost in doing other things and by the morning of the 6th day that PULL to use the internet had almost gone. After the e-fast that PULL to use the internet returned, but it's no big deal now.

cheekychen said...

You should use your efame for something positive that you want to do. Youtube needs a breathe of fresh air I think..

Anyway, I just did a blog on the carpet if you wanna see


Ps: I tried emailing before.. dunno if you got it. Paul