Sunday, February 24, 2008

Awesome postcards I bought

So I found these awesome old postcards in a thrift store, they were 20p each and I wanted them all! Click any of them for a link back to the photostream where there are a bunch more that I scanned.

Untitled-25 copy.jpg
This guy looks a tiny bit like that creepy guy from High School Musical to me. It's the evil eye glint.
Untitled-12 copy.jpg

Untitled-14 copy.jpg

Untitled-20 copy.jpg
This is me.


Anonymous said...

You have a little nostalgia issue, Paperlilies. Hopefully technology will advance to the point that you can go back to the early 1960s and hook up with Cary Grant.


paperlilies said...

Nah I want to hook up with Gene Kelly. He was hot stuff.

Anonymous said...

Playa Hater. Cary was a lover, not a dancer. If you want the No. 15 guy All-Time over the No. 1 guy All-Time, that's your business. You've made it abundantly clear that you're moved by the Regular, Everyday Kinda Guy.


Goose said...

Nothing wrong with regular guys.

I bet there mouths ache to this day after all that teeth showing.

roygbiv said...

Playa Hater?

Which one do you think would be more fun if they took her out on the town?

Kelly could do more than just act and was more stable; more inclined to sweep her off her feet (well, literally), while Grant, well, could secretly be eyeing guys in the place.

Kelly was a pimp. I haven't seen Funny Face in awhile, but I think it would've been better if he had Stickmans role.

Anonymous said...

Did she really say thrift store? Stop licking america's arse

roygbiv said...
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