Tuesday, January 15, 2008

sexy barista

Stumble for some reason took me to a lingerie website which I perused for a while, coming to the sale section, where there was a barista costume. WTF, who has that as a fantasy?

click the picture for a link to a bigger version
it comes with a tip jar that says 'Thanks a latte'.


Austin said...

Order the costume, add wig and contacts. Video FTW

Amjan said...

That's one original idea for a Helloween party.
-"And you're dressed up as what?"
-"Are you kidding me?! I'm a fucking barista, fool!"
-"Wow! That's the shit! You show'em!"
Nah, baristas are overrated.

bikenik said...

I guess no one had the barista fantasy, that's why the outfit has been marked down sixty percent. haha...