Friday, January 18, 2008

Pretty Top I bought

I went all the way back to Oxford Circus to buy this top. It doesn't look that nice in the picture, but its sooo pretty! Yay! It's kind of huge though, I ended up buying a size 8 (I think thats a 4 in the US?) but it's still too big. I guess it's supposed to be baggy, but it seems a bit extreme. I might wear it with a gold belt!

Note: I really miss Molly's blog :(

edit: Kim asked me to post a better picture
also I bought these cuuuute earrings! they have butterflies! they jiggle!
This picture sucks, this is what is on the miss selfridge site, but mine are all gold-coloured.

PS, I dont usually fit an 8 here, but it was huge so I went with it. It feel special to fit into a smaller size! Because all girls have stupid body issues.


Amjan said...

"It doesn't look that nice in the picture,"

Of course it doesn't!
You know what to do, gal... :]
[points at the photo camera]

butterfly2729 said...

where did she go???

hannah said...

i know!! its gone!! whyd she delete it?!

Kruegervision said...

Yes your right it is a 4 in the US and in Europesize its 38. :)
that me being a smart arse. I hope its suites you
Greetings from Germany

Anonymous said...

Molly deleted her blog because of a group of about 6 or 7 jerks with no lives who are old enough to know bettter.

expecting twins said...

LOL.. It's a Maternity Top ! Congrats...When are you due ?

amjan said...

"When are you due?"

In ten months... o_O WTF?

diane said...

i think the top is super cute. and if a US size 4 is huge on you, damn you are teeny!

Anonymous said...

Pretty & nice. Looks like prim and proper tie-dye.

WildbillthePirate said...


The top looks Great! Cheers!

CatchFlipsidE said...

Put it on and take a few photos for us :)

Anonymous said...

why are you not making you video with you Youtube?
you make you video with that dress modeling them would be very bauteful and you talk funny ways.
thank you

Anonymous said...

^LOVE that comment. lol!

it looks like it fits pretty darn good to me. you look amazing in it.

butterfly2729 said...

...just to add on your 'edit' I love the butterflies!!! I'm goona look on their site now :D