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So, I don't talk about it or write about much because it's not really a big deal to me, but I guess I am inbetween being an atheist and an agnostic. I think theist religion is outmoded and has little to no place in modern life.
I think it used to be a useful tool of government, giving people a set of laws, explanation for phenomenas, putting certain (male) people in power and such back in the day, but now that we have elected government and science, it is little more than dogma.

I was raised in a totally unreligious household. My mum was/is a scientist, my dad a (somewhat anti-religious) teacher. I went to church on every second sunday of the month when I was in the Brownies, which was some arrangement that my Brown Owl had made with the Church near my house, because we borrowed their church hall, and my mum being a stickler for the rules (and probably enjoying a Bryony-free Sunday morning) made me go. I hated it because it was boring and lame. I did like singing the hymns.

But as for my home life, and aside from those Sundays, I was not religious. I had a book of Old Testament Bible stories a religious family friend had given me which I actually loved because it was like fairy stories. They are the same in my mind as fairy stories though. Full of magic and nonsequiters and nonsense.

I stopped 'believing' in god or the bible etc the same time I stopped believing in Santa. Which was when I realised our chimney, and the chimneys of many other people, were too small for him to fit down. I also started thinking it was sort of weird that people believe that a bunch of guys talked to god and wrote down what he said, and they accepted that as 'the word of god'. Why did he talk to them in particular? What made them special? Why doesn't he talk to anyone else? Do all priests get some special phone line to heaven or something? And other such questions I never was in any way convinced of the answers. (immaculate conception, zombie easter jesus, etc). I also resented the idea that Jesus supposedly died for my sins before I had any say in the matter and that I am supposed to feel bad/good/care in some way about that.

I admit that I feel a little envious of people who have faith, because it would be nice to feel like Jesus will tell you what to do when you're feeling lost, and to believe in some sort of plan for my life but I can't bring myself to see it with any seriousness. Believing what a bunch of guys who 'talked to god' and wrote some stuff in a book said. That's just stupid, yo. Aint no man gonna tell me what to do!! (I was often told about the Suffragette/feminist Movement and such when I was growing up which made me really question this male-centric church (and don't get me started on Islam). I think it made me a little anti-baby/motherhood. But that's for another post).

I don't want to offend people with my thinking most religions are stupid, but I do, I think in the same sense that religious people probably find me rather stupid for writing it off. I say 'agnostic' because I admit I don't know. But I am really erring on the side of 'its just a bunch of stories.' It seems pigheaded and belligerent to believe one thing when there isn't, and can never be, proof.

And I feel bad kind of, because some of my friends are religious or used to be, and I'm so opinionated on things that I come off as such an asshole sometimes. The truth is, I change my opinion of someone if I find out they are religious. It honestly makes me think a little less of them. I am not in the slightest bit proud of that and it is with shame that I say it, but it's true. Because to me, saying you believe in this stuff, these things written in books by random guys long ago, these 'rules' for living in an ancient land that are supposed to apply to now.... that's like saying you believe the earth is flat, and it seems so backwards that it DOES make me feel sorry for them, in quite the same way as I am sure they feel sorry for me and my disregard and uninterest in 'the truth' as they see it. I want to lift the scales from their eyes as they probably do me.

Anyway, this is all just a build up to a link I found funny.


pinky said...

*Typing really fast* I agree with every word you say and I enjoy reading your next blog. *Now running away before the hatemongers start showing up*

Amjan said...

No "OMG" discussion would be complete without George Carlin's sketch on Religion:
Arguably one of the best American comedians ever, and also one of the most commonly known atheists. This particular sketch is cult now.
There is also Pat Condell, from you very home town Bryony, who's becoming more and more popular on YouTube:
Apart from talking about religion, he also addresses the social problems of Britain and Europe, such as those related to Islam:

This is really worth watching. The guy is not only very wise, but also very enjoyable to listen to :]

paperlilies said...

Yeah I love patcondell!

Sparrow said...

All this reminds me of a poem by the sufi mystic Rumi:

"I tried to find Him on the Christian Cross, but He was not there. I went to the Temple of the Hindus and to the old pagodas but could not find a trace of Him anywhere.

I searched on the mountains and in the valleys but neither in the heights nor in the depths was I able to find Him. I went to the Caaba in Mecca, but He was not there either.

I questioned the scholars and philosophers but He was beyond their understanding.

I then looked into my heart and it was there where He dwelled that I saw Him; He was nowhere else to be found."



streakfreak said...

You are totally going to Hell for this post. It's a good thing it doesn't really exist. :^)

All the reasons you listed, and more, are why I reject any deity-based religion (which is about 99% of them). The whole thing is absurd.

Lots of great points. One other I like to bring up is the diet issue. Many religions have all sorts of dietary restrictions. Sometimes for a limited period, some are permanent. I find it interesting that the omnipotent being that created space, time, every creature and object that ever has, does, or will exist, knows absolutely everything, and can do absolutely anything, is so fucking concerned over whether you eat pork. Or after dark on this day or other. Or between this date and that. Does that make sense to anyone?

You get to the pearly gates, and Saint Peter looks over your record: You were loving and generous with every person you met, didn't hurt anybody, made the world a better place, went to church, prayed and had faith in God... but you ate meat from an animal that wasn't slaughtered the proper way. Sorry, you're going to Hell.

How could anyone in the modern world take this stuff seriously?

Tyler Durden said...

nice post, I secretly judge my friends for their beliefs. Glad someone else said it aloud. Starting to think I was too judgemental but, I cant help it.

NusaCat said...

On this subject, your views are remarkably identical to my own, and I was brought up in a non-religious house as well.

But, most of the world is religious, so one should learn he basics anyway, if only to understand others. And the bible actually is an interesting book, although I treat it as fiction rather than gospel.

JJC1138 said...

My feelings about this stuff are amazingly similar to yours, but the difference is that my mum is very religious. She's written three books about Jesus and she's currently doing a post-graduate Theology course. But thankfully she's also very liberally-minded (and non-denominational), so she never attempted to indoctrinate me and my brother when we were kids (except for answering the "what happens when you die" sort of questions in a broadly Christian way). She trusted that we'd make up our own minds when able. Neither of us actually turned out very religious. I'm in the same 'technically agnostic, but for all practical intents and purposes atheist' boat as you, and my brother believes in God, but despises organized religion. This doesn't really bother my mum much, partly because she knows we're decent people (Christian in behaviour if not belief, if you like) and partly because I think she expects that we'll become more religious as we get older.

Anyway, I think I had a point... Oh yeah: it's that I think having someone very close to me who's religious has taught me that religious people can still be very very worthwhile people to know. So to be completely honest, I do see being religious as a character flaw, but on its own it isn't a deal-breaker for me. Also, although it seems maddeningly paradoxical, there are some (eminent) scientists who are also religious. I think it's possible for people to fence off religion in their minds, so even if the rest of their life is subject to rigorous logic, they can still keep a flame alive for the fairy tales if they want to, for whatever reason. So I try to be as tolerant as possible of peoples' personal religious beliefs, just as long as they don't have any effect on me or anything I care about. So when there's a guy in the street telling everyone that Jesus loves them, that's fine, but when there's someone trying to convince children that the world is four thousand years old because their favourite story book says so, that's when I start to see red.

Amjan said...

@ Paperlilies
"Yeah I love patcondell!"

Hehe, so I'm the one who's behind. Oh shizzle...
I discovered him just yesterday :]
But you didn't know George Carlin, huh!! *dances*
@ sparrow
The poem was very nice... until the "I then looked into my heart" bit, which just ruined it for me.
@ streakfreak
"I find it interesting that the omnipotent being (...), is so fucking concerned over whether you eat pork."

Yeah. And I think they should bring it more up to date; the omnipotent being should rather be concerned if you eat genetically modified food, junk food, too much carbohydrates or simply if you eat unhealthy, duh.

"You are totally going to Hell for this post."
Good girls go to heaven, bad girls go to London.
Yup, she's already there. Evil woman.

Anonymous said...

And I judge and think a lot less of you after I read "but now that we have elected government".

In the same way you think people are deluded about God, you seem rather deluded about present day being free of powerful people "putting certain people in power".

zackpraysforbryony said...

It's becoming a bit of a pet peeve for me to hear people describe athiesm and agonsticism as an either/or proposition. In fact, depending on the context, a person could make an argument that basically all agnostics are athiests and all athiests are agnostics.

For example, if access to ultimate knowledge is a god-like power, then an athiest can't be 100% certain of there being no god without themselves becoming a god and ruining everything. They must then be an athiest which is agnostic.

Likewise, if you say you're an agnostic, you are accepting that ultimate knowledge is not within your reach. Not even the ultimate knowledge of god's existance. So maaaaybe your theism could be founded on a kind of "belief" without "knowledge" (kinda gets into semantics), but at the end of the day, since the concept of god is about fundamental absolutes(balls out), you're probably a non-thiest, i.e athiest, i.e an agnostic which is an athiest.

Anonymous said...

Following on from Steakfreaks example -

'You were loving and generous with every person you met, didn't hurt anybody, made the world a better place, but you're going to hell because you didn't believe in god'

Some god huh?

Kimberl(eigh)y said...

I'm agnostic and apathetic about it all, as you know.

I do think it's ridiculous and silly to think less of someone because of their beliefs, as you know.

I love you anyway, as you also know!

That is all.

:) <3

psycoticsinginchick said...

I kinda like to believe in a creator, but it's more like a mother nature type being. I call it God, but it could be called Mother Nature. Anyway, it's just what set the world in motion, and made the laws of nature what they are. Other than that, I almost don't care about the other religious B.S. people come up with. I grew up in a strictly Christian home, and I made note that if my mom was governed by religion in which God tells her what to do all the time, and she usually treats me like shit. Then I want nothing to do with that. I call myself Agnostic, but I'm drifting towards Wiccan/Pagan.

Dave said...

You're not alone, of course, in raising the things that you do, but it's my view that you'd do well not to join the agnostics, or atheists, the latter of which are largely a cabal of intellectual midgets.

I had an almost identical background, and I have never practiced religion in any meaningful way. It's my view, however, that anyone who either questions or denies the existence of a "higher-power" (in whatever form), is as naive as a person who literally believes every passage of the Bible. That is, to rest faith in man, and her unprovable scientific narrative that she likely sprung up out of some sort of polymer, is as absurd as any fable about snakes or apples. The unanswered "Origin of Life" question, of course, begs yet another thousand unanswered questions that need to be addressed before it can even be considered.

By latest counts, Earth's population is approximately 6.68 billion. My IQ rises enough standard deviations above the Mean to fit those with me around your dinner table, and the number of things that I don't know exponentially exceed the things that I do know--and I spend nearly all day, each day, trying to figure stuff out.

It's interesting to me, then, how dismissive so many people "under the curve" are of the idea that there may be a "God"--like "comedian", Pat Condell. He couldn't be my bag boy, and I can assure you that his IQ is maybe, and I say maybe, 1 standard deviation above the Mean. This man, and his band of gypsy followers, pretend to have all of the answers, yet he hasn't even found a way to prevent premature aging. Do let me know, however, if you hear anything about Pat Condell finding a way to tame the Cauchy distribution, curing cancer, or discovering a way to stop natural disasters. I'm having a helluva time with these issues, among a million others.

Come on, people, up your game. Man ain't that smart, and that includes both you and me.

Anonymous said...

I'm in a similar place to you with my views and feelings about religion and belief. But if there is no way to get ultimate proof of anything with our subjective human view of reality, isn't science and logic and everything else all based upon a set of unprovable assumptions or "beliefs" too?

Ps i agree with Dave "man ain't that smart"

RKADEL42 said...

@ zackpraysforbryony

God! You must have studied philosophy somewhere along the way, b/c only philosophers could take two rather simple ideas and convolute them to the point of incomprehensibility. Atheists believe there is no higher power. Agnostics believe there is a higher power, but admit they have no idea what he/she/it is.

Gik said...

Thank God for F.A.Q.'s like that.


Anonymous said...

"The paramount question of the day is not political, is not religious, but is economic. The crying-out demand of today is for a circle of principles that shall forever make it impossible for one man to control another by controlling the means of his existence."
"Government is as unreal, as intangible, as unapproachable as God. Try it, if you don't believe it. Seek through the legislative halls of America and find, if you can, the Government. In the end you will be doomed to confer with the agent, as before."
-Voltairine de Cleyre

Anonymous said...

Although I come from a religious background, I cannot definitively prove a God exists. To me, it comes down to this: is it at least reasonable to me to believe in a God. Some people come to a different conclusion and I respect that. However, to me, atheism, not agnosticism, seems to be the height of arrogance. An atheist shuts the door on even the possibility of a God existing, which I find snobbish.

John said...

Ah, here we go with with the anarchist comments. Yawn.

Cornelius Prime said...

I am an Anesthetist I used to envy the religo's as they seemed to take such solace from their belief. But then its all self delusion for those that find reality to harsh to bear. I'm sure this century religion will finally be diagnosed as a mental illness and beleivers can get the medical treatment they desperatley need. Amen th that.

foo said...

Anonymous, you are incorrect. "Atheist" simply means someone who does not believe in god(s).

"Agnostic" is not a fuzzy area in between atheist and theist, though many people use it like that. Agnostic actually means that you don't think it's possible to know for sure if god exists or not.

Most people are either agnostic atheists or agnostic theists.

ZipDudeAh said...

It saddens me that you are so tough on people who do believe in a God. There are religions that I don't believe in but I respect someone's right to partake in that religion. Without tolerance this world is dead. We need to respect other people's right to believe what they want without fear of being looked down upon.


Anulab said...

For some reason, this topic brings back warm memories of a movie I remember seeing as a child:

Anonymous said...

Looking at religion and a belief in god as a practical quick fix solution for the unanswerable questions that plage our overmatched intellects works for me, but i still don't belive any of it.

Anonymous said...

You should check out Christopher Hitchens and Richard Dawkins - Hitchens is a legend. Look at O'Reilly try and corner Dawkins here, what a dumbass.

Anonymous said...

Hey Bryony what do you think of that features paperliles song on uk youtube? Its kinda stalkery dont you think!?

WildbillthePirate said...

-Do you believe in Justice? Not just Law & Order but "the firm and consistant desire to give each (person) their just due?"

-Can you look for the good in others as well as yourself? Even when you disagree with them?

-Can you truly forgive others when they have wronged you & expect forgiveness yourself if you have wronged them?

-Do you care for & try to treat others as you would be treated?

How do you feel about Morals? Ethics? Values? Is it O.K. to Lie, Cheat or Steal from someone just because you can? Even if nobody would know?

-Do you have friends of many ages,races & sexual orientation(s)?

-How do you help the Poor? the Sick, the Elderly & Infirm,those whom society has cast aside and away?

-Can you speak Truth to Power plainly,unafraid of it's cost to you personally?

-Would you help a complete Stranger?

-Do you think that any of this work is being done solely because it's the "Right" thing to do?

I'm NOT posting these questions as a challange but only to fill out how you "fit" into the Greater Mass of People. I'd love to tell you there are right or wrong answers-but Sadly, there aren't Rather then the very Best of Us,we are stuck with the Rest of us. . .and we will Kill ourselves, the Planet and each other because of it

NusaCat said...

If you ever really want to get your religious friends steamed, start pointing out every time they take the lords name in vein. Aside from the obvious God damns, 99% of the OMG's, by Gods, and swear to Gods you hear are violations of the commandment.

Exodus 20:7 "You shall not take the name of the Lord your God in vain for the Lord will not leave him unpunished who takes His name in vain."

Blackcherries said...

Your views and my views on this matter are identical. I think a lot of people are confused on this matter because the world today is more science-oriented. We know what things are made of, we know what we evolved from, etc. I find it annoying when religion jumps on that and finds an "answer" for why we don't understand god (ie, he wanted us to have free will so we could choose to follow him) or something equally lame. For me, thinking there is a higher power just seems so wrong and stupid. I feel sorry for people who seem intelligent and yet belive in god. Intelligence/god is an onmotopia like Jumbo shrimp. they just don't belong together. I hope my ramblings made sense ;)

butterfly2729 said...

Hmmm OK in the hope that you actually read this I want to say a few things :)

No of course Jesus did not die for our sins and the 'father' cannot forgive us for our sins. There is a God so why is a priest so special to be able to forgive you? Fact is he isn't.

I realllly want to know what your opinion is on Islam? I understand that there are so many people spreading BS about it all over the media and the likes of Pat Condell twisting it so people automatically come out with his propaganda rubbish.

I understand your situation as ive been there got the tee shirt. I had to go to sunday school and all that rubbish when you knew most of it was a crock and a festering place for paedos!

I didn't believe in anything for a long while!

The Bible has been changed so much that it is impossible to believe it anymore. E.g it is wrong for Christians (like Muslims) to drink alcohol - but now it is ok and WHERE? in the actual Church - now I don't want any christians come up and say it's different to other alcohol as it's just all pathetic excuses!!

Like I said before - don't kow if you read it - I am now a Muslim. For so many reasons!! The Quran has NEVER been changed. It contains so many facts that were impossible to prove 1400 years ago, like the earth being round/male & female parts to a flower / the different stages of the baby in the womb. Plus it isn't a religion where they tell you "DO NOT QUESTION THE FAITH" as it is open to questions as there is nothing to hide!! Plus what about the women in Islam, my husband treats me like a queen (i can see how that looks :S -not meaning to be up myself or big-headed) as I do what I like in my house, get anything I ask for, I can work if I choose too, the woman gets a dowry when married and she doesn't have to return the favour, during different times of the month or whilst pregnant you do not have to pray or fast!! We are not exploited or abused (unlike alot of things in Mans world). If anything is related or in media it is so misled as it would be about CULTURE not the religion of ISLAM.

All in all I studied different books on religion when i was going through a certain time in my life, many have mistakes, myths, can be totally barbaric (i mean people are just mmaking them up these days!) except one which I found to be Islam. Please forget all this rubbish spoon fed to you by the media and look into it for yourself please :o)

Also could I just mention that your thoughts and continued questioning and you thinking about it are for a reason, maybe you want answers, maybe there is something telling you a point or to find reason...

Hope that helps!
Thanks, take care. Michelle! xox

roygbiv said...
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Anonymous said...

If there is a heaven and hell, I'm going to hell for reading this blog entry in the pews. :)

roygbiv said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
roygbiv said...

(d'oh! I fucked up again)

Eck. Labels. While I can agree on atheists views towards religion (mostly as an institution) there hasn't even been mention of spirituality. Just because one may enjoy listening to people like Condell or Carlin's it doesn't mean they're blind followers. The power of faith itself is important (not necessarily faith in god, maybe humanity, your self, family SOMETHING) and it doesn't require religion; it never did anything for me and especially when it comes to modern ones like Christianity and Catholicism I smelled a lot of bs. I'm angered at what they did forcing other cultures along their path through history. (remember Borat going to that church? Ok, those people are sad)
I do feel very strongly that life is not devoid of consciousness and different levels of consciousness, yet still interweaving. Like the biology of our cells to make tissues to make organs etc in our own body (and do the cells know that they're taking part in the creation of a higher being? for example), humanity and that consciousness could be like cells of a higher organism for it to grow, like our collective unconsciousness can be seeds of growth and ideas in the mind of the cosmic infant, or the expanding and contracting of the universe could be the beat of a heart.
3d, this physical dimension can be just one aspect of the macro-consciousness for it to carry out it's own growth, and having a soul can transcend that. It's more of an ancient/indigenous thing. Now it could be labeled as "New Age", but I hate that term and the hokey/hippy stigma that can be attached to it and it doesn't mean I blindly follow everything that would go into it's category, which is why I stay away from it or any group/category/label. My own experiences/thoughts/revelations in life just happen to coincide with many aspects of that.
For anyone interested in more about that, I highly recommend going to The Conscious Media Network and listen to the Graham Hancock interview. In the middle he talks about a view on religion and the end the "war on consciousness". It may require to sign up but it's very worth it. I also recently saw an interview with Alex Grey; if you don't know who he is you may recognize his art on Tool's Lateralus cover.
Would I say I'm atheist just to have fun with the certain people? Mood depending, but I can't discount that we are part of a higher consciousness and that the ancients and indigenous cultures of then and now were and are have more than a clue of the truer forms of reality.
I shun religion, but to think less of someone just because they are religious isn't any better than you being judged for not believing. I see it as the same kind of attitude as how you'd look at anyone who's disabled or a child who can't comprehend an allegory. You're doing yourself an injustice by discounting them as useful/positive members of society just because of that. Teamwork yo; you're going to have to deal with it at some point to further your own progress in life. Regardless of anyones "label" it doesn't mean there can't be some kind of reciprocation and understanding about something besides religion.

freakishidiot said...

i am not exactly the most religious person in the world but i was broguth up in a roman-catholic society. i dnt rly follow the teaching but i wanted to share something that was explained to me. i noticed you said there wasnt and "proof" of god. well proof is something scientific and therefore cannot be attributed to god because god is not material he is spiritual. technically there is evidence of his existence but there can never be any proof. evidence being the writings, the prophecies, the teachings and the such. i am not disagreeing with you just an observation.

on a side not i love your blogs and i love the fact that you are so keen to stick to your ideas. keep it up and never let anyone tell you what to do.

roygbiv said...
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roygbiv said...

Also, that link at the end of the post is great:)

One more thing to the post; if you need religion to find answers, beliefs, purpose, self-help, whatever, that's your thing; but to be blind towards power systems--religion, politics, media, tv, commercials,all of it; don't be a sucker. No matter what uniform someone's wearing doesn't mean anything, everyone has flaws.

No one is going to save you but your self.

scott said...

It makes me sad that so many in Europe have been robbed of God by a generation of parents and teachers that put their faith in science. There are no atheists in foxholes.

bikenik said...


I put my faith in humanity as that is all we have. Hopefully we achieve the consciousness of God before its too late or we will perish as a species never to be heard from again.

Amjan said...

@ bikenik
"Hopefully we achieve the consciousness of God"

Hopefully we achieve the consciousness of being nothing more than mortal creatures who have only one chance to live their lives, with no rewards or punishments after our lives are done.
I hope humanity will be able to look around itself and see there is nobody else to help us than ourselves. No ancient book, written by some crazy people (with malevolent intentions) centuries ago, can guide us through.

@ Scott
"It makes me sad that so many in Europe have (...) put their faith in science."

When there's a storm, do you put more faith in lighting a candle or installing a lightning rod?

Anyway, it's a big misunderstandig to boil down everything which isn't religion to science and technical inventions. There is also humanism! Hallo!
I hate how religion has usurped the right to claim it is the only source of moral standards and values. As if the latter never existed before religion, duh.

"...or we will perish as a species never to be heard from again."

Well, animals have no religion. And you know what? They were a lot better before we came here...

naz said...

You say "please don't get me started on Islam"- what do you mean by that?

Amjan said...

@ Naz
On behalf of Miss Paperlilies, I'd like to recommend you the following videos:
As well as all other Patcondell's videos related to the topic you have requested.

Miss Paperlilies is unfortunetely tired and can't answer any further questions. Thank you.

bikenik said...

"Hopefully we achieve the consciousness of being nothing more than mortal creatures who have only one chance to live their lives, with no rewards or punishments after our lives are done".

If that is all you hope for amjan, than indeed plunder the earth to its ultimate destruction because we certainly have the capability, and well, in the end it just doesn't matter anyway.

I think you misinterpret what I wrote, I'm not expecting a heavenly savior to come and save me or humanity. I argue we must do that ourselves, through a consciousness raised far above the base level you infer we have yet to achieve.

How sad for humanity if what you write is the best we can do...

Liz said...

In case you feel like checking out a god-free religion, try Buddhism. (The Buddha was not a god- he was a man who achieved freedom from suffering and told other people how to do it.) That's it. I mean, of course there's more to it than that (compassion, egolessness, meditation to gain personal insight, etc) but there is no god or anyone to worship in that way and it's much more practical than Christianity- and very applicable to modern life. Check out Thich Naht Hanh or Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche. Pema Chodron is great, too, for a Western woman's perspective.

roygbiv said...

Sweet. Let's make a PL sand mandala:)

ina said...

One of your most interestings blogs, I am completely on your side, except the agnostic part. I consider myself to be atheistic, because I thought/think agnostic means if you don't believe particularly in god but in some higher power. Which i don't.
I also think less of people if they tell me they are religious, which is bad but true. I am in the States right now and they are so much more religious than in Germany, it's almost cliché. Omg. Sometimes it's really relgious.
Anyway. Nice blog!

Louise20 said...

I totally agree with everything you said, I aswell think less of people when they are super religious and that makes me feel pretty bad. However I am even more bias because ive noticed that, living in Canada, we think way less of Americans that are religious than Canadians, Im not quite sure why that is.. but w/e. Its interesting though because there are philosophers who have written on the study of Epistimology that have proven that God does not exist on the means that if he is all knowing and all seeing as well as all good, he wouldn't let half the shit that goes down on this earth happen, therefore he can't exist.. anyways its pretty interesting you should check it out.. if youre into that epistimology stuff.. Anyways that was really interesting. Hope to read some more :)

Davidhok said...

..I feel like what you feel about religion is justified. A few years ago at the peak of intense amounts of drug use I just felt miserable about my life. Ever since I was like 9 years old I had this nagging question "Why are we here anyway?" "What is the point because it seems like an awful lot of trouble to exist. I just thought there needed to be more of a point then just whatever humans seem to do! I just felt like checking out all these books for answers during the drug phase and didn't really find the answers so I just kept on taking drugs. It was fun but I kept getting thrown in jail for stuff I did at the height of my nirvana. Finally I did enough bad stuff that I had to stay in jail for a long time. At that point I was quite repulsed at the idea of God. For some reason I really hated Jesus in particular, probably because my parents were all in bible study and church. I was in jail for about 5 months and then spent a month in a treatment center. I got out and took Lsd and smoked pot one more time but I was done with drugs. I cant explain the events that took place I was lead through a series of unmistakably potent experience that led me to believe that Ok Now I believe in Jesus. Things would happen to me that would continue to happen to me in increasingly powerful ways to get me to believe even more that Jesus was real. Up to this point I had believed that all Gods would lead to life, afterlife, and all that jazz. Polytheism I think its called, but after really soaking my mind into the words in the bible, it started to show its light in my life in a clearly potent way. Freaky ways that I couldn't prove but were happening inside of me all the same. It was like I was living in a haze on the inside and then all this happened to me and everything was literally brighter. When I saw the sky it was like for the first time. Even light bulbs were brighter. Picture a kid with long hair hippy clothes and when I got into the bible and just soaked in its words crazier and crazier things would happen. It even got to the point where as I was reading one time it was as if he sat next to me at the restaurant and said to me I care. Like the creator of the universe was sitting there telling me he cared in such a stunning and real way...Many times I got the sense that God was there with me..The more I felt that way the more I wanted to try to contact him by thinking about him and reading scripture. I finally realized I was addicted to Jesus. I would spend hours alone just focusing my mind on him. After a lot of that I started to take on the attributes of Jesus. My now exwife could not make me feel angry or jealous at all and she was severely bibolar. I didnt feel the need for evil..I guess thats why hed want us to pray and worship him, because he knew it would cause our lives to be better then heroin..any way I know this is a long comment and I sort of care what you think of me but not enough to tell you about what happened. Im not a perfect guy of course, but thats ok because Ive never been good. I wish I could fit in with everyone else and just say I agree with you but that would be a lie, and too much has happened to me to disbelieve all Ive seen. Like if you were suddenly warped into another dimension where everyone had blue skin and huge heads, and then after a week you were warped back and had to try to explain where you were, thats how I feel. The burden of honesty explaining where you've been even when you know people will shoot you down or secretly hate you for it..what a position to be in lol. I cant say that I like what the church is all about sometimes. I dont really care about the politics of the issue Its just the cheeziness of the whole thing. And I cant get myself to listen to christian music because its like a dulled down version of the all ready unappealing mainstream music. Sorry I like real art he he. And Im not even going to get started with TBN..gimme a break. No wonder why people hate God they dont wanna turn into a cheezy music listening gold watch wavering automaton of crappy art..but oh well.
Well I dig all your videos and enjoy your blog so I hope you dont hate me. But I also cant lie and say I didn't have a supernatural transition in my life in which I cant deny.

Cornelius Prime said...

Lets all just agree to agree that people who believe in GOD are wrong and leave it at that - Agreed? Excellent!

Anonymous said...

I agree with Liz, although there are some theistic elements to Buddhism especially Tibetan/Lamaism. Zen/Chan and Tao are very practical. There are videos of Thich Nhat Hanh speaking on Google Video and podcasts on other websites as well.

Shane of the Road. said...

Bry, I'm amazed. I've written many blogs along these exact same lines. I'm generally met with conservative apologetics. Anytime I find someone who can actually see that religion is man-made it gives me just a bit more hope. It's hard sometimes feeling like you're the only one who sees what's going on. Thanks for getting it.

Anonymous said...

This youtube clip pretty much sums up the mindset that has no need or use for religion.

"BBC interview with Feynman (uncertainty)"

toptag said...

"You say "please don't get me started on Islam"- what do you mean by that?"

It could have something to do with the fact that Islam is THE paternalist religion ... a religion that is archaic, cruel and inhuman to a high degree ... Sharia!

Thomas Paine said...

"The World is my country, all mankind are my brethren, and to do good is my religion."

"The instant formal government is abolished, society begins to act. A general association takes place, and common interest produces common security."
-Thomas Paine

Isabelle (Bel) said...

I think you don't read all your comments.
oh, and about religion... I'm kind of like this too, I don't like too religous people! they are annoying.

WildbillthePirate said...

Fine words indeed for a man who's bones were last seen stuffed in a cabinet sold at an English Auction in 1840! I like his Sincerety but you should read more about him

Chris said...

You shouldn't sit on the fence in between atheism and theism, just take the leap and go for atheism the same way i did. Im a senior in a Catholic High school and the more and more I studied religion, the more i began to realize that the bible is nothing more than a bunch of magical tales and that i look at god the same way i look at Santa or the flying spaghetti monster. What sucks for me though is that i'm still stuck in an environment where everyone around me despises my personal views on religion.

Anonymous said...

kim is a breath of fresh air

Squigg said...

A person can not be convinced that there is a God by just reading books or being preached to. Each individual has to experience their own thoughts and beliefs on their own personal level.

I have no magic words to convince you that there is a God, you will have to come to terms with that question on your own, and most likely, it will take you your entire life to figure out the answer.

When I was younger I didn't believe in God. It took me many years of reading books about outer space to realize, that if there is life out in other galaxies, who's to say there isn't some sort of Creator of humans? One would have to be a fool to believe that in all of the infinite space in the universe that there isn't some sort of life out there.

I don't think any less of you for NOT believing.

Thomayus said...


Ken Masters said...

You should check out a book called 'blue like jazz' if your in need of some faith....I liked it anyway.

like the vids and the blog, anyone tell you, you look like drew barrymore?