Saturday, January 12, 2008

Marzipan bebehs

These aren't really made out of marzipan, they're some kind of ceramic or something. Either way they are creepy!

But now I totes want some marzipan.


Amjan said...

I guess a well developed fetus (=already resembling a child) may actually be a very similar size.
I think it'd feel a bit weird having to eat one of those, if they were indeed marzipan.

Did you look into "More Babies from past years"?? [at the bottom of the screen]
There are some creepy ones! Especially those with their eyes opened!! Booh!
Anyway, I'm sure they are one of those things that girls, when first seeing them, go like "Wow! How cute!!! Koochy koochy koo!"

You were no different, Bryony, were you...

That's what I thought :)))

Amjan said...

Oh, shit. There are also the "Lifesize" ones. WTF?!
Why would you want to have an artificial baby carcass?
The whole page looks like a gallery of deceased children [sic].

I guess I don't like marzipan that much after all. Heh...

JJC1138 said...

I saw an advert for a programme on C4 a few weeks ago about people who make ultra-realistic baby dolls, complete with simulated breathing movements and sounds and stuff. Looks uber-creepy.

WildbillthePirate said...

I like them & I think they are cute but I know where they came from. These were made & handed out by american Right-to-Life'ers so they could show the size of the average fetus/zygote in the first trimester.

This is'nt how they really look but they wanted to make them look as they would be when they are born to convince women to have the children.

and if that doesn't work, they will gladly stalk you, bomb Abortion clinics, murder doctors and in general be the domestic terrorists they are!

I may be just a tad Biased, but I believe that women should control their own bodies & not be forced into having children Contraceptives should be used on every Concievable occasion! then abortion is un-necessary.

Pablo Kickasso said...

baybeez R delicious.

Sparrow said...

So creepy....ducklings or kittens would be nicer :-D

Amjan said...

@ Sparrow
Yeah! Duckling fetuses FTW!!

Kimberl(eigh)y said...

It's creepier to me since I work with newborns all day :/

Anonymous said...

eww god! a while back me and a friend had a joke about these, the ones made of marzipan mind you. aren't they creepy!? lets just say, they're even creepier dressed up as pirates with large hooks....the idea of eating a tiny little baby is revolting...who the heck thought of that?